On Arena, presenter Sean Rocks took a look back in time, to 35 years ago, in 1984, when an infamous case involving the deaths of two babies unfolded in County Kerry.

Dubbed the Kerry Babies Case, the events around it took place in a very different Ireland, an Ireland which had, just the year before, passed by a 2-to-one majority the Eighth Amendment to the constitution.

Listen: Fiona Shaw chats about her new film Out Of Innocence, inspired by the Kerry Babies Case

A new movie, inspired by those events in Kerry, has just been released in Irish cinemas. It's called Out Of Innocence, and stars Fionnuala Flaherty, as the fictional Sarah Flynn, the young woman at the centre of the case. Her mother, Catherine Flynn, is played by Fiona Shaw, who spoke to Sean about her memories of that time, and how she drew on those memories to play this part.

Out Of Innocence, written and directed by Danny Hiller, is in Irish cinemas now.