Pat McCabe is coming to this year's Dublin Book Festival, for a literary event with a difference - but let the mind behind The Butcher Boy and Breakfast On Pluto tell you all about it himself, in his own inimitable fashion...

Once upon a time there was a piper and a whistler and a guitarist and a comedian and who should they meet this fine day but a word-man.

What are you up to, me auld word-man? didn't they say - and he told them he was off to the Smock in the Alley to chirrup hill-songs.

That is to say, render fictions of all kinds that Dublin and its people might tend to like, all about the Heartland and the fog that wreaths the aspirations which refuse to be named.

Hank Williams and Philip Larkin spoke about them in their way. But so do Ian Lynch out of Lankum and Larry Beau and Paddy Gooodwin, along with Kevin McGahern out of The Republic and its Telly, as well as Liz Monahan-Deery who sings like a delirious skylark.

So who, in their right mind would want to miss that? Come along and hear Pat McCabe introduce them: Smock Alley Theatre 2.30pm Sunday Nov 18.Where the songs and the stories of The Mysterious Heartland beckon.

Patrick McCabe will be performing at Smock Alley Theatre as part of the Dublin Book Festival on Sunday 18th November at 2.30pm, featuring Kevin McGahern, with music by Larry Beau, Liz Deery, Paddy Goodwin and Ian Lynch of Lankum - find out more here.