Ahead of her appearance at this year's Dublin Book Festival, CleverBooks CEO Darya Yegorina writes for Culture about using smart innovative and emerging technology for education purposes. 

In the era of rapid digital advancement, schools are now struggling to maintain relevancy in their classes due to rapid changes in the job market. The teaching and learning materials are out of date and the content needs constant improvement to be relevant to the technology-based and demanding world. Therefore, it is important for schools to innovate to sustain their development by building a strong ICT infrastructure to accommodate 21st-century learning demands for K-12 students.

According to The World Economic Forum, problem solving, critical thinking and creativity are the top skills that will be required for the jobs of the future over the next 10 years. Those skills will differentiate humans from machines in the digitized era. The skills that today's children need to develop to prepare to be productive members of the future workforce.

Furthermore, the relationship between the quality education for children and the ability to maintain continued economic growth and social well-being is significant. Especially as an antidote to the impact of a future global financial crisis in employment.

So educators must empower kids to develop such skills from an early age through the strategic use of technology adopting cost-effective resources and quality digital content.

Our technology revolutionizes the education industry bringing it from the analog age to 21st-century learning, creating an exponentially positive impact on future economic development. This is done is an easy, no-tech way for educators.

According to numerous resources that monitor industry trends, Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the top 5 EdTech resources that will become significant and change the educational landscape within the next decade.

Augmented reality brings various educational concepts to "life" by visualizing them in 3D. The implementation process of AR technologies is simple,You just need a mobile device to download an Application, and a physical product with a special picture marker to interact with the software.

It’s a fun and engaging way to teach kids STEM concepts, to leverage gender balance in complex knowledge acquisition and to minimize tech gender gap. Our solutions bring experiences to the classroom that otherwise would not be possible.

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Watch: Using AR In The Classroom - Darya Yegorina in conversation

AR allows each student to have a unique, specific experience where they learn more independently using the key modalities of: seeing, hearing and doing. And gives educators a much larger toolbox to work with the plug and play solutions that minimize the teacher-student interaction in order to bridge the technology gap.

As a result, AR technology helps kids to improve test-scores by up to 33%, and increase their information retention rate by up to 100%.

However, it is not enough to simply add technology to existing teaching methods. Technology must be used strategically to benefit students with quality digital content with strong academic relevance to provide effective learning. Educators need to pay careful attention to the technology providers, educational content and innovative approach. Also, the content should be relevant to the curriculum as well as help with personalized learning approach. CleverBooks creates products that are STEM.org certified and global curriculum guidelines based. The products aim to develop and enhance interest and curiosity levels in STEM, create the base for developing 21st-century skills and focusing on personalized learning through kinetic, audial and visual educational approaches. 

Darya Yegorina will be taking part in the Dublin Book Festival event The Business Clinic with Maite López and Laurence O’Bryan, in conversation with Larry MacHale on Friday 16 November at 9am in Smock Alley Theatre - find out more here.