We sat down with comedian Damian Clark ahead of the 2018 Vodafone Comedy Carnival, which runs from Tuesday, 23rd of October to Monday, 29th of October. Watch the video above to see our interview with the Perth native.

Ten years ago, Damian Clark waved goodbye to a burgeoning comedy career in Australia to start afresh in Ireland after falling in love with an Irish woman - his now-wife, Sandra.

"Everyone [in Ireland] was coming to Australia when I was coming over. I was on an empty jumbo jet moving over here and I could just see other planes going over to Australia, just packed full of Irish people in GAA jerseys," he joked.

Luckily, the move paid off and before long, Damo was a regular on the local comedy circuit with numerous TV appearances on shows including Republic of Telly, I Dare Ya! and The Apprentice: You’re Fired!.

Watch Damian Clark on Republic of Telly:

A self-professed 'big fish in a small pond', the fast-talking comedian insists that although our little island is exponentially smaller than his home continent, Ireland's culture and variety of accents is a source of constant entertainment.

"I know a lot of Irish people who have gone to Australia and come back going 'It was great, I had such a good time' but after a few weeks, months or years, they've come back. I don't know any Aussies - and I know a lot of them - that have gone, 'I went to Ireland but, yeah, I got bored'."

He continued: "I think because there is so much in Ireland, and it's condensed, every county is even so different to each other whereas, in Australia, there are more similarities than differences."

Having recently won the Amused Moose People’s Champion Award 2018 for Extra Show, which ran at the Edinburgh Fringe, Damian is learning to balance a thriving career with a growing family.

Not only does he bring his wife and newborn son on the road as much as possible, but the two often feature in his stand-up, something that he says improves his material.

"I think the more real [the material is], the better I mean I think that's why sometimes comedy can be a bit shocking - because it's too real."

Watch Damian in the Krater Comedy Club, Komedia Brighton:

Another feature of the honorary Dub's stand up? A soundtrack that incorporates a mix of artists ranging from AC/DC to Beyonce.

"You can't feel unless songs are on. I haven't cried - ever - without music since I was about four. My default is that everything is fine, but if you play a sad piano music, I'll start bawling," he laughed.

"A lot about what we feel on stage is that we feel strongly about something - I love this, I want to tell you about it. I hate this I want to tell you about it.

"If you're not feeling anything, why even be talking? That's why I think a lot of music is worth using. And what's better than putting a song at the end of your set and talking about it?"

Tomorrow, the funnyman will travel to Galway to play the Vodafone Comedy Carnival alongside a host of Irish and international acts including Dylan Moran, Gina Yashere, Joel Dommett, and Phill Jupitus.

"Galway is just a great place. I don't know anyone who doesn't love going to Galway and spending time there. I think just because, anywhere on the west of Ireland just feels like you're on the end of the planet so, you're on the edge - that's what it's like all the time.

He continued: "Every year the Comedy Carnival has been getting bigger so it's just going to be more and more fun, more mental, and Supermac's is going to get more crazy."

Click on the video at the top of the page to hear Damian speak about his top picks for the Comedy Carnival, his love for gigging and why he wants to learn Japenese. 

Tickets for the Vodafone Comedy Carnival are on sale now. 

To find out more about Damian, you can visit his website here.