We sat down with comedians Emma Doran and Julie Jay to discuss upcoming gigs and their nostalgic podcast, Up to 90. Watch the interview above.

Do you miss walking to your local Xtra-vision to rent a VHS for the weekend? Do you long for the days when Trolls didn't involve Twitter? Do you ache for a time that deemed scrunchies as an acceptable hair accessory? If so, the Up to 90 Podcast is for you.

Hosted by stand-up comedians Emma Doran and Julie Jay, the throwback podcast covers a beautifully disorganised range of topics that include dismemberment, celebrity scandal, girl bands, boy bands, murder, the Macarena and Stretch Armstrong.

"It was really the only thing we could talk about with any authority on," explained Emma. "It's just something that interests us and we look at topics that we were experiencing when we were thirteen or fourteen - now, looking at it with our mature, sensible, adult eyes."

Upon reflection, the comedy duo have realised something particularly interesting about an era that was heavy on pop-culture but light on social media.

"When we look back at stuff in the 90s - if any career went down or anything happened, the go-to in the 90s was to do a porn," says Emma. 

"Yeah, adult films," Julie nods in agreement. "Everyone ended up doing one, I mean even Screech [Dustin Diamond] from Saved by the Bell."

With a warm and conversational tone, the funny women reflect on their favourite music, movies and murders - the case of the Menendez brothers is of particular interest - as well as their own personal experiences from the era.

"The 90s Dad features quite a bit with the Birdseye waffles," says Julie. "You know when you Mom was like 'I'm done with this family, I'm taking a break'. We always knew when the Birdseye waffles were out, Mom was away. That was the rule," she laughs.

Every so often, a guest celeb will drop by to share their memories of the era that managed to embrace both plaid and fanny packs in equal measure.

Paul McGrath, Pamela Flood and Danny O'Reilly have all sat in on an episode but, to be honest, they pale in comparison to what's to come. Soon, the ultimate star of the 90s star will drop by to keep the girls company. Good luck getting a name though; their lips are sealed.

"Definitely not a chicken," hints a straight-faced Julie. "Riddle me that - if you can solve that riddle, then you know who we're talking about.

When they're not interviewing Eurovision semi-finalists, the ladies can be found on-stage as they tour The Emma and Julie Show across the country - they've even landed a date with Deirdre O'Kane in Wexford.

"I do talk about being a child of the 80s and the 90s and also present life. Ultimately, it's just story-telling, it's inviting someone into your world and your experience," says Julie. "There is going to be a bit of 90s but also my life now. It's straight-up stand-up." 

Dates for The Emma and Julie Show:

  • October 12th - Dublin Podcast Festival, Liberty Hall (Double Headliner with Dubland)
  • October 18th - Supporting Deirdre O'Kane at the Wexford Spiegeltent
  • November 15th - Ireland's Smallest Comedy Club, The Dew Drop Inn Galway
  • October 28th - Chaplin's, Dublin
  • November 9th - Kavanagh's, Portlaoise
  • November 22nd - Dolan's, Limerick
  • December 7th - Lynch's Pub, Tullamore, Co Offaly
  • December 14th - The Whale Theatre, Greystones, Co.Wicklow

Tickets on sale now from local venues and venue websites.