In 2005, Ryan Tubridy met Hollywood legend Burt Reynolds to talk about Burt's then newly-published memoir, But Enough About Me...

What followed was an illuminating chat about the wild life and times of one of the greatest movie stars of them all, as a candid Burt opened up about an incredible career that spanned a half-century, from walking in Central Park with Marilyn Monroe, to the best director he ever worked with (Wicklow resident John Boorman) to the one great love of his life, his frequent co-star Sally Field.

WATCH - RTÉ News on the death of Burt Reynolds:

Upon the occasion of Burt's passing, aged 82, we're delighted to pay respects to a screen icon - one who was only weeks away from filming a role in the new Quentin Tarantino movie. Like all great movie actors, Reynolds always made it look absolutely effortless. In his '70s prime, from Deliverance to The Mean Machine (AKA The Longest Yard) to Smokey & The Bandit, nobody did it better.