Represent, a new series on RTÉ 2FM's online hub The Collective, showcases Ireland’s new talent in poetry and surrounding genres in a real, raw and authentic fashion.

Represent comes to The Collective from RTÉ's digital station, RTÉ Pulse. The concept is to make poetry more accessible to young people in Ireland. The artists who appear in this series share their stories, their perspectives, their struggles and their lives. 

By using this new wave of young poets, spoken word artists and rappers, Represent aims to showcase Ireland’s new talent in poetry and surrounding genres in a real, raw and authentic fashion.

The featured artists on The Collective's Represent series are:

Natalya O’Flaherty

17 year old Natalya is an emerging voice on the Irish spoken word scene. Her words carry hard hitting notions and criticisms of modern Ireland tackling everything from so-called daddy issues to drug abuse.


Fresh from being picked as one of 2018's most promising new acts by The Thin Air and, and following an astonishing show at Whelan's Ones To Watch in Dublin, JyellowL is fast becoming one of the most exciting, intelligent new artists on the Irish scene.

Just Mikey:

Mick Lennon is a rapper and hip hop artist from Dublin City, and a member of the 7-piece accoustic hip-hop outfit Just Mikey: Mick's style of rapping is funkier than morning breath.

Sasha Terfous: 

 A 21 year-old spoken word artist from Waterford, Sasha Terfous grew up as an outsider in the purest sense of the word - her sexuality, ethnicity and even her personality marking an easy target. Taking her differences and growing into them, she emerged as a proud gay woman of colour and found that her weaknesses have become part of her strength.


FYNCH is a 21 year-old MC from Dublin, combining laid back flows over cozy beats, thematically rhyming about everything from current affairs to obscure footballers.


Costello is a hip hop MC from Dublin, and one of the most revered and prolific artists in the game, whose pen is the voice of the streets.

‘’I'm trying to bridge the disconnect between young people and poetry, and bring young audiences closer to the art form" says Represent Creative Director Adam Fogarty. "I believe the truest incarnation of poetry is rap and the spoken word. I've curated six of the best in the country right now for this.’’

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