Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters joined Sean Rocks on Arena for a chat about his latest tour, Us + Them. 

After playing to over 4 million people on his last tour, The Wall Live between 2010 and 2013, Waters is ready and raring to hit the road again and has already played to over 900,000 people. The name of the tour comes from a song from the Pink Floyd album, Dark Side of the Moon, which Roger chose because he feels its message is more relevant today than ever.

"The thing that struck me was that third verse in Us and Them, or one of the verses, has the line, ‘With, without And who’ll deny it’s what the fighting’s all about?’ and it seems central to our predicament at the moment… The fact is, if you ask that question, almost everybody will say, I deny the fighting, the fighting is not about with/without, it’s about religion or nationality or status or I think that’s probably not true. I think that the state of perpetual war that we live in is perpetuated in order that people can go on making the huge profits that they do out of warfare."

Roger says that the mindset that came about due to the capitalism of the industrial revolution and the greed of the colonial era stays with us and weighs us down.

"Now we’ve been so seduced by the necessity to keep consuming at a huge rate, and to consume mindlessly you have to be kept mindless and so that’s something that the powers that be figured out is we can be controlled if we’re kept mindless."  

The song itself came from a session with fellow Floyd cohort Richard Wright in Rome.

"What’s great about doing ‘Us and Them’ is it’s the only song that Rick Wright (Pink Floyd's keyboard player, who passed away in 2008) and I have together in that… He wrote the music for Us and Them on the piano. We recorded the music in Rome in 1970, I think, and afterwards I said to Rick "I love that piano thing that you did or whatever, do you mind if I try and turn it into a song?" And he went "No, I don’t mind..." So I did, and it's so it’s lovely that that song exists."

Roger Waters plays the 3Arena Dublin on June 26th and 27th - click here to listen to Sean’s interview with Roger.