U2’s Adam Clayton met up with Other Voices founder Philip King last summer, while the band were in Berlin for their Joshua Tree Tour 2017 show at the city’s Olympic Stadium.

The interview sees Clayton talk about what initially drew the band to Berlin in November 1990, to record their seminal album Achtung Baby. Adam speaks about why Berlin still has a "maverick decadence" and recognizes the generosity of the German people during the refugee crisis, while examining the power of culture in bringing people and countries together.

"Germany has had this tremendous powerhouse effect on Europe," he says. "Angela Merkel very much led in the refugee crisis and the German people have been extraordinary generous. So from our point of view – visiting again, that’s something to be celebrated". 

U2 return to the Irish stage later this year, for shows in October and November in Dublin and Belfast as part of their eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour.