If you're a fan of Irish comedy, you've probably come across Farmer Michael and his long-suffering wife Kathleen on social media. From depression and Donald Trump to gun control and Leo Varadkar, the comedy duo tackle topical news with a satirical eye - and a culchie accent.

Most recently, their Beast from the East video earned them over four million views on Facebook, but that's just the tip of the iceberg for creators Steven and Sinead. Far from being a viral one-hit wonder, the couple have put the hours in for their success.

"It started like three and a half years ago," explained Sinead. "We were just in our car, and Steven had initially done a video with his brother as Farmer Michael and his brother didn't want to keep going any further with it and he decided that because he [Farmer Michael] is talking about his wife Kathleen in the video, that I should just play Kathleen. So it all escalated from there,"

Three years and countless videos later, the duo have found a global following, and although the formula may seem simple - a farmer shouts at his wife - these videos are something of a minute-long art form.

Unfortunately, it seems that new waves of creativity are not always appreciated.

"Some people have been really nice, really helpful and given us a lot of advice - people who have been in the industry for years," said Steven.

"The likes of Tommy Nicholson, who is such a legend on the comedy scene and has done a lot of writing for famous comedy shows," Sinead agreed.

Steven continued: "Then, of course, you get the people who despise our existence. They think 'Oh, your man doing the stupid voice in the car. There's nothing to it, anyone could do it.' My reaction to that is, 'Well, do it'."

Despite their short time on the comedy scene, Farmer Michael has become a regular fixture on several noteworthy websites - but which videos stand out to the creators?

"My favourite one was the F the Mayweathers video during the time when McGregor and Mayweather were fighting, because it was kind of the first one that wasn't totally Farmer Michael and there was a lot of work put into it, so we were really, really, proud how successful it went worldwide," said Sinead.

Steven added: "Probably the one I done about the disabled parking. It caused the most controversy, but I think it got the message across clear. And people that went mad at me and threatened my life and stuff over it, clearly didn't watch it or even understand what I was trying to do with it," said Steven.

While the videos may occasionally hit some questionable notes, it seems unfathomable that two comics should be receiving death threats over their sketches - that said, according to Steven, online trolling is just part of the job.

"I remember getting my first death threat, and I was like, 'Yay! I'm officially famous, someone wants to kill me'. It's just something you get used to. You're going to open up your messages and get profanity-laden crap the odd time, but it's a thing that's expected."

"It's just a tiny, tiny, percentage of death threats compared to all the amazing and kind messages of support we've gotten," assured Sinead.