Rory O’Neill, also known as Panti Bliss, was in the hot seat on The Ray D’Arcy Show for the popular Soundtrack To My Life segment.

Rory walked Ray through swinging newborn lambs in the air with his father the vet, seeing the real Wanderly Wagon and becoming Panti in his early 20s in Japan.

During the conversation, Rory shared an anecdote about a recent trip he took to Vietnam. At an isolated mountain village, it was decided there would be a party. The tarpaulin came out, along with a karaoke machine. Put on the spot when asked to sing a traditional Irish song, Rory told Ray that the situation required some improvisation.

"I have to sing a song. And you know when you go totally blank... I should have just done Molly Malone or something - I ended up singing Like a Virgin by Madonna. But in a kind of a Sean-nós-y style… none of them recognised it and they all believed it, that it was like a traditional Irish song."

Rory and Ray also discussed Rory’s childhood pets, "house sheep" Susie Suffolk (a literal black sheep) and Leticia, an "idyllic" upbringing in the West of Ireland and how the name Panti was bestowed to him by the people of Japan.