The inimitable THISISPOPBABY theatre company have launched their Where We Live event as part of the St Patrick’s Festival, and as part of the programme Peter Daly brings his play Money to The Complex in Smithfield. 

Peter, who wrote and is performing in the play, spoke to Sean Rocks on RTÉ Arena about what you can expect.

"It was going to be an interesting and humorous look at the Irish economy from start to finish, from 1922 right up to now… As we started to look at it more, I realised I couldn’t tell that story without telling my own story and that story really being, mid 20’s, I don’t care about money and mid 40’s, me going, I now have a kid and a wife and money is much more important.  Also, we’ve just been through a crash so money is much more, I think anyway, in the back of our minds because in the middle of all that, the rug was pulled away from underneath us."

The play comes ten years after the bank bailout and charts events as they unfolded, but also follows Peter’s own story as an actor who also worked as a part-time accountant.  As you can imagine, things get very real.  Peter says, "I’ve got a line in the play, ‘Some of this is very embarrassing’…  I figured I couldn’t tell this story without being very honest about it."

When describing the gist of the play, Peter says,

"We all kind of know in theory what happened in this bubble, this boom that then became a bubble that then became a crash and I try to go through it forensically with graphics. I use fruit and I use balls and I try to show the slow of money through the 6 main Irish banks in an entertaining and a humorous way."

Listen: Peter Daly talks Money with RTÉ Arena:

Money runs from March 12th-15th at The Complex, Smithfield - find out more here.