Ashley Campbell is the daughter of the late country legend Glen Campbell and now she’s stepping into the limelight in her own right with her debut album, The Lonely One

She spoke to Ryan Tubridy about playing alongside her dad on his farewell tour and about supporting him during the progression of his Alzheimer’s disease.

Ashley remembers how discovering clips of her father on YouTube was a revelation.

"Growing up I had seen him perform, but when you see the clips of him from the Glen Campbell Good Time Hour playing with Ray Charles and Johnny Cash and all these incredible artists and him just being a total rock star, it’s so cool because I had never had many chances to see my dad, I hate saying in his prime because he kind of was always in his prime."

Ashley recounted to Ryan how she first noticed something was not quite right with her dad.

"You start seeing signs pretty early on, but you try not to think that it’s the worst. You know, you just say 'Oh, they’re getting older..." or just being forgetful because even I get forgetful sometimes but you know, you start noticing they repeat themselves and things start becoming a concern when they become less independent."

Ashley’s first single, Remembering, is a tribute to the relationship she shared with her father and was written as a way to connect with him as his disease progressed.

"When I wrote this song I knew that there was going to come a time when my dad would eventually not recognise me, not know who I am, and I wanted to have something to connect with him - and so music has always connected with him on a deeper level, so I wrote this song hoping to give him comfort even after he felt lost."

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