A filmmaker has put out a casting call for Irish foxes to feature in his new film, Animals, currently being filmed in Dublin by the company behind The Young Offenders

Speaking to Ray D'Arcy on his show on Friday, Bryan Mason, originally from Australia but working in Ireland, detailed his production, which is based on a very popular novel of the same name. 

"It’s a film about two friends who spend their 20's studying literature and drinking around bars around Dublin and they’re just about to reach their 30's and one of the friends is starting to think maybe it’s time to take things a little more seriously and hunker down and try and get some things done in life and the other one is not so keen on that idea." 

"So it’s ostensibly the end of their relationship but it’s very funny. It’s a very funny book and the script is quite funny."

The film is produced by the company behind the Young Offenders, Vico Films, and certainly the two films share a common theme of hedonistic youth and the onset of adulthood. Ray noted that The Young Offenders was "amazing and one of my favourite movies in recent times," so if Animals is anything like it, Bryan will be off to a good start. 

Ray had mentioned Bryan's request at the end of his previous show, and already multiple responses had come in from people across the country, with their own stories of brazen and curious foxes visiting their gardens. 

Inez, from Templeogue wrote: "I’ve a very light fence in my garden in an area [of] semi wild ground where foxes live. Usually for the last few years in May and June I’ve seen from one to four cubs at any one time playing in my garden and in the last week or so I’ve seen an adult fox there or just outside the fence." 

Others sent in photos and YouTube videos, with another saying that for the past 15 years they've had foxes visiting their garden - tempted by frequent feedings! 

On Friday's show, Bryan specified that what they need is information on recent fox sightings, "where foxes are so if we’re going to send a camera crew out there we going to have a decent chance if actually being able to film them". 

He added, "From what I understand they quite timid creatures in the wild but a lot of people do feed them so they can build a bit of a relationship." 

Ray, cautioning Bryan that he didn't mean to be cheeky, asked "Can you not train one?" 

Bryan explained: "We met with an animal wrangler ... and he said that because they’re very territorial if you take them somewhere to try and film, them they’re very shy. They’ll cower and basically just try to get out of there." 

The animal wrangler's recommendation was " if there was any chance of catching them in their natural habit", that would be best. 

Ray assured Bryan that there are lots of foxes around Ireland, even some in his neck of the woods, and that based on the couple of responses the show received with a little mention the day before, he was sure to be "spoiled for choice" on where to find foxes. 

When asked when he'd be planning to head out to film, Bryan said the plan was for the weekend after next. He also said that the film is scheduled to be completed by early to mid next year. 

Ray noted that "It'll be nice to get a credit at the end, ‘Thanks very much to Inez Fletcher who let us use the back garden for the foxes.'"