Stefanie Preissner might just be one the most influential voices of her generation.

Her RTÉ comedy-drama series Can't Cope/Won't Cope was snapped up for broadcast by BBC Three - a second series is on the way. Her one-woman theatre show Solpadeine is My Boyfriend toured internationally and was turned into a radio play for RTÉ Drama On One, and she recently completed a series entitled How To Adult for RTÉ Player. Stefanie has a screenplay in development with Brooklyn producers Parallel Films, is also developing a TV pilot with Channel 4 and has just released her first collection of essays, entitled Why Can't Everything Just Stay The Same? 

We asked Stefanie for her choice cultural picks...


I live by a basic rule that once it's dark at 6pm it's Home Alone season. This is my all-time favourite film. I definitely watch it over 30 times a year. It's so steeped in nostalgia for me that I forgive the massive plot hole that if Kevin can call to order pizza, why doesn't he just call the cops? He's a sadistic little guy, but I love him.


I've been told I have a terrible taste in music. But I don't even care.

Nothing else is able to give me the joy I feel when I hear the open notes to Celine Dion's It's All Coming Back To Me Now.

That woman is a genius and a saint and I would happily listen to nothing but her for the rest of my life. There's nothing like driving on a motorway, blaring Celine and singing at the top of your voice to really make you feel alive. Some people climb mountains, some people do drugs, I have Celine.


I picked up a book this year that was basically covered in dust. Racing the Moon by Terry Prone. The way these endearing twin girls navigate their adolescence with all the awkwardness and insecurities that go with it made me wish I had read it when I was 16. I particularly related to Darcy buttering Ryvita on the flat side while on a diet, and on the bumpy side when she was being indulgent. You get more butter that way!


The Humours of Bandon by Margaret McAulliffe. It's touring at the moment and is being produced by Fishamble, the New Play company. If you've ever had a childhood passion like... Irish Dancing. Or anything, really - you just have to check it out. It'll melt your heart.  


I'm so basic - but knowing that from now until Christmas my weekends are structured around X Factor is so comforting. I love the habit, routine and ritual around X Factor evenings.


I'm sorry to be the buzzkill. It's brilliant that people have something to look forward to for their holidays, but I cannot relate to the impulse of wanting to go to a gig. The idea of congregating in an arena or worse, in mud with people who haven't had access to running water in three days is not a novelty worth exchanging a week’s wages for.  I like to keep away from crowds, loud noise, portaloos, having my head stepped on through a tent while I sleep and impending fear of my phone dying with no electricity to restore it. As a general rule, I don't tend to fit in anywhere where people go to 'let their hair down'. My hair is always tied up. Two bobbles. For slippage.


I'm not really great at making time to go to exhibitions. I'll probably make it a new years resolution in a few years. I've often met friends for lunch at the RHA Cafe and then had a browse around. I'm ashamed to say I don't know too many artists who present there... or elsewhere. I sometimes imagine a life without any art at all and that scares me into going to see something but I'd usually choose theatre over an exhibition... because I'm a creature of habit and I hate change.


I'm big into Hidden Brain by NPR. Or Stuff You Should Know. I listen to them on 1.5 speed because I heard it's better for your brain. But mainly I use apps to send me to sleep.


There's an app I use called Confide. I live in constant fear of the screenshot and this app lets you send messages that disappear instantly and can't be hacked. Fool me once!

The Next Big Thing...

Apparently Juicy Couture Tracksuits are coming back! And because it's that time of year - I sense the next big thing is going to be pumpkin spice-flavoured.

Why Can't Everything Just Stay The Same? (published by Hachette) is out now.