What makes a wordsmith tick?

Ryan Tubridy had an entertaining chat with Helen Zaltzman, who explained what was behind her successful podcast series The Allusionist, which explores language, the different ways we use it, and why.

Their chat covered a wide range of topics from Donald Trump’s Tweets, to the worst swear words - they kept it clean, don’t worry.

On the US President, Helen explained;

"There have been studies done on the vocabulary he uses in his tweets, his public messages. It’s a very small vocabulary but the clever thing about that is that everyone can understand it."

Helen says there are hundreds of thousands of words in the English language and the combinations of those words and humans using them is almost infinite. She describes her podcast as a series of short essays or documentaries about language.

But back to swearing;

"I do know that the listeners really enjoy swearing. I got them to record themselves saying what they thought was the rudest swear and they took to that."

To listen back to the full interview between Ryan and Helen, click here.