Panti Bliss is back on the airwaves and inviting a diverse gathering of intriguing, high profile and articulate guests into her parlour to chat about their life’s journey and share their stories.

Pantisocracy is a cabaret of conversations with, and about, contemporary Ireland.

This week, in a show called Life's Little Nudges, Panti explores those moments of chance that change our lives and talks to people who have radically changed direction including children's author Shane Hegarty and former RTÉ DJ Jenny Huston who now runs her own bespoke jewelry business.

In the show, Panti shares a monologue exploring how her moment of chance and change came through meeting people who opened hew doors for her:

Writer and poet Dermot Bolger reads his poem Little XX's, a poignant story of bereavement and discovering a letter he wrote when he was child to his mother when he is clearing out her things in the attic in his old family home:

And Galway musican and singer Julie Feeney talks motherhood and how it has transformed her and performs two of her own songs - listen to Life's Nudge:

Pantisocracy is an Athena Media Production, broadcasting on RTE Radio 1 on Monday August 14th at 10pm.