The Collective is a new online hub for 2FM and will host a series of podcasts, documentaries, debates and short form content presented by top 2FM talent. 

The first presentation from The Collective is The Originators, a new podcast series presented by Rick O'Shea, where he talks to young Irish creatives about their success in different fields. Guests include everybody from Snapchat King James Kavanagh and novelist Lisa McInerney to Can't Cope, Won't Cope creator Stefanie Preissner.

Listen to The Originators Episode 1: Rick talks to Stefanie Preissner:

"To be presenting the first ever podcast-only series for 2FM is an absolute thrill," says Rick, "and a sign of its commitment to creating new parallel content outside of the main station. To get to talk to such fascinating under 35s about their success in long-form interviews is ever better. There are some genuine insights and fascinating stories once you dig in below the surface of my guests - whether they're pilots, influencers, authors, actors or designers."

Listen to The Originators (and find out more about The Collective) here.