New School of Acting opens at the Abbey Theatre
The Abbey Players: Lady Gregory has revealed that one of the reasons for the establishment of the new School of Acting is to enable the Abbey theatre to put on productions while its principal performers are unavailable. Photo: National Library of Ireland, EPH E207

New School of Acting opens at the Abbey Theatre

Published: 21 February 1914

Lady Gregory has announced that the Abbey Theatre has established a new School of Acting.

‘We don’t want to close up the Abbey while the main company is in America, so we started the school with two objects: (1) that we might be able to put on some performances while our principal players were absent from Dublin; and (2) we want to have something ready for St. Patrick’s Day. We mean also to play on Easter Week and on Punchestown Week.’

The first training provided to those in the school has revolved around voice projection, with students undertaking regular exercises in class and at home. The coming weeks will see the students learn various acting techniques in anticipation of public performance.



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