Reims Cathedral now in ruins
A cartoon by Albert Robida, depicting the destruction of Reims Cathedral by the Central Powers. Photo: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA, LC-B2- 3298-9

Reims Cathedral now in ruins

Published: 21 September 1914

German bombardment of Reims, France has created terrible slaughter and destruction in the ancient city, including damage to the ancient cathedral.

A damaged doorway of Reims Cathedral, the ancient place of coronation of French kings, after the bombardment. (Image: Illustrated London News, [London, England], 3 October 1914)

At intervals throughout the past two nights shells fell through the great windows into the nave and side aisles, and irreparable damage was done to the incomparable facade and to the interior. A part of the cathedral floor was littered with glass. Only four charred walls and towers of the cathedral remain.

Four Sisters of Mercy were killed in the shelling of the cathedral, many residences have been gathering there today to pay their respects to the women.

The shattered roof and broken windows of the cathedral. (Image: Illustrated London News, [London, England], 3 October 1914) 

The cathedral has stood in Reims since 1275.

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