Irish Americans reject new direction for the Volunteers
John Redmond inspecting a regiment of Irish Volunteers in Maryborough, Queens County. He has led calls for the Irish Volunteers to fight with the British armed forces. Photo: Irish Life, 21 August 1914. Full collection of Irish Life available from the National Library of Ireland.

Irish Americans reject new direction for the Volunteers

New York, 28 October 1914 - The official newspaper of the United Irish League in America, The Irish World, has announced it will no longer accept subscriptions for the Irish Volunteer fund until it is announced that Volunteers will not be sent out of Ireland. 

'Irish Americans who have given of their means to help to arm and equip the Irish Volunteers supposed that, when they willingly and generously contributed to the Volunteer Fund, their dollars would be applied for defensive purposes in Ireland. Any other use of those dollars would be a gross breach of faith. Every dollar of the sum received by the Irish World was intended to be expended in the interest of Ireland and of Ireland alone. Irish World contributors never for a moment dreamt that their money would be used in any other way. They are, therefore, righteously indignant on learning that Irish Volunteers are urged by Mr Redmond to add to the hectocomb of the dead who already have sacrificed their lives in England’s service.'

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