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Typhus Outbreak in Connemara
Children photographed in Clynagh in Carraroe, Co. Galway in 1913. Carraroe is one of the areas by the typhus outbreak [National Library of Ireland, HYD2]

Typhus Outbreak in Connemara

Published: 16 May 1913

Reports are emerging of a deadly outbreak of typhus in Connemara. The areas around of Carraroe, Gorumna and Lettermullen have, once again, been hit by the disease, which is often spread by lice, fleas and rats.  The scale of poverty and misery in this Irish-speaking area has long led to claims that it is suffering from immense official neglect. Over the last twenty years, six young doctors, who dedicated their lives to working to alleviate suffering in the area, died from illnesses contracted in the course of their duties.

A relief fund - led by the Catholic church - is being raised.


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