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Transport problems central to Dublin’s housing crisis
An image from the Dublin Housing Report, published in the wake of the Church Street tenement collapse in 1913 Photo: South Dublin County Libraries

Transport problems central to Dublin’s housing crisis

Dublin, 21 November 1916 - The failure to develop a suitable transport system is at the heart of Dublin’s ongoing housing crisis, according to Prof. Patrick Abercrombie of Liverpool University. He was addressing the Dublin Rotary Club and in the course of his speech he said that Dublin’s 'peculiarity' was that it had not grown suitably in its outskirts during the last century. 

The nub of this issue, he said, was that there was no point housing people in the country unless they could get into their work and amusements. Prof. Abercrombie is an expert on the interdependence of housing and transport, and among the plans he proposes for Dublin is the construction of an outer circular road to promote the development of housing around Dublin’s rural hinterland.

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