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Easter Monday – the Rising remembered
The Irish Republic flag over the GPO during the Easter Rising in 1916. A flag was raised at half-mast over the GPO again in 1917 to mark the one year anniversary. Photo: National Museum of Ireland

Easter Monday – the Rising remembered

Dublin, 9 April 1917 - Along with the usual religious observances, Easter this year has seen a number of events commemorating the rebellion that took place in Dublin last year.

At Glasnevin Cemetery yesterday (Easter Sunday), 100 girls placed wreaths trimmed with green, white and orange on the graves of republicans who were shot during the rebellion. The girls then stood by the graves and offered prayers in Irish for the souls of the dead. A strong force of police at the cemetery did not seek to intervene.

Letter from Mary Gavan seeking compensation for he injury caused to her son during the Rising. Click to enlarge. (Image: National Archives of Ireland, CSO RP 1917 4464)

Easter Monday
In Dublin city centre earlier today, there was much commotion when a Republican flag was raised to half-mast over the rubble of the GPO. The flag was placed there by a young man wearing ‘an ancient Irish costume’.

A small party of men and women also waved a tricolor on the summit of Nelson’s Pillar. This was greeted with cheering – and more cheering again when the party descended.

Here and there around the city small copies of the Easter Proclamation were posted. They bore the slogan: ‘The Irish Republic Still Lives.’

Two men were arrested in Sackville street area when a scuffle erupted and shop windows were broken after police ordered the flag to be cut down. Later in the day there was some stone-throwing around the Talbot Street area, but it remained of relatively minor importance.

Requiem Masses
Around the country masses were held in memory of those who died during the rebellion.

In Cork Cathedral, a memorial mass was celebrated by Rev M. O’Sullivan. The church was well filled and at the conclusion of the mass the congregation sang ‘Hail Glorious St Patrick’.

Left: List, dated Dec 1916, of the names of the civilians killed during the Rising. Right: Letter from the family of Constable James O'Brien looking for compensation after he was shot by Seán Connolly outside City Hall on Easter Monday, 1916. Click to view full documents. (Images: National Archives of Ireland)

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