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Church Street compensation claims
Two ladies collecting for the relief fund for families affected by the disaster. Yesterday claims for compensation were heard at the Four Courts. Photo: Courtesy of the Irish Capuchin Provincial Archives

Church Street compensation claims

Published: 14 October 1913

Hearings into the proposed clearance of houses in the Church Street and Beresford Street area of Dublin continued today at the Four Courts.

The collapse of two tenements buildings in the area six weeks ago – causing the death of seven people – has brought a new urgency to plans of Dublin Corporation to acquire lands and premises in the area for an improvement scheme under the Housing of the Working Classes Act, 1890.

A statement containing information on the families who, prior to the disaster, lived at number 66 and 67: included are details on claims they have made for compensation. Click to enlarge.
(Image: Courtesy of the Irish Capuchin Provincial Archives)

Yesterday the courts heard claims from Margaret Cooper, 49 and 50 Beresford Street, in respect of premises used for the rearing of pigs and the selling of horses. As well as the tenants in the houses, Mrs. Cooper told the court that her businesses were well-established and that there was accommodation for 20 horses, a hay loft and a piggery on the site.

Mrs. Cooper was unable to produce any accounts for her business to support her claim for compensation to the value of £666. The court was also told that conducting business in this manner was illegal and the only compensation that Mrs. Cooper should be paid was for the value of her houses and not for her business. The corporation valuation of the houses was put at £66 3s 4d. The hearings continue tomorrow. 


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