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Cameron Report condemns state of Dublin’s houses
An illustration of Sir Charles Cameron taken from The Lepracaun Cartoon Monthly from September 1906 Photo: Image reproduced courtesy of Dublin City Public Library

Cameron Report condemns state of Dublin’s houses

Published: 18 October 1913

A report by Sir Charles Cameron has once again laid bare the state of housing in Dublin.

The report states that the current population of Dublin stands at 403,372 and notes that 21,113 families are currently living in one-roomed accomodation in Dublin, a proportion higher than any other city in the United Kingdom. A further 13,037 live in two-roomed accommodation and 6,577 live in three-roomed accommodation.

That many of the houses which were converted into tenements had been built before 1800 compounds the problem, according to the report. This is particularly the case because of the insanitary conditions which arise from too many families attempting to use inadequate shared facilities.

The lack of proper sanitation led Sir Charles to comment: ‘I see no probability of the large old houses being converted into healthy dwellings.’

‘They are largely rented or leased by persons who have no capital to improve them, and who do not take sufficient precautions to keep them in order and prevent dilapidation.’

The destruction of Dublin through the decay of its housing was also noted. Great and important streets, such as Gardiner Street, were now mired in decline with ruined dwellings destroying them as a spectacle. This, wrote Sir Charles, needed to be addressed also, as no Dubliner would wish to see the streets of the capital decline in such a manner.

He called for the remodeling of such streets and the planting of trees to make them more attractive.


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