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Treasure Island

The Hunt for The Falcon Blanco

A 400 year old mystery wrapped up in a modern day hunt for sunken Spanish Armada gold. Journalist Philip Boucher-Hayes investigates the claims of a group of divers to have found a wreck fifty years ago, before diving the site himself.

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Episode 1: X Marks the Spot

A mysterious civil servant sends four divers in search of sunken Spanish Armada gold in 1969. A bit of digging on Inishbofin in 2019 suggests there may be some truth to it.

Episode 2: They Found Something

Disagreement among the four divers about what they did or did not find in 1969. The boatman who believes they hid the truth from him.

Episode 3: Trust Nothing

Confronting the divers with the boatman's version of the truth. Following all the leads so far to their logical end.

Episode 4: The Gentleman Adventurer

The only survivor of the Falcon Blanco tells his story. A commercial salvage operation hunts for the same wreck.

Episode 5: Full Fathom Fifteen

Fifty years after the 1969 dive team say they found the Falcon Blanco we take to the water. The enormous scale of what is ahead reveals itself. A nasty shock about the origin of the cannonball.

Episode 6: Plot Twist

Several people who've heard rumours about the treasure turn up on Inishbofin as the dive expedition continues. A solution to the riddle of the diver's and boatman's conflicting stories. And a conclusion nobody saw coming.