Elizabeth Coleman joined Met Éireann as a Meteorologist in 2018, where she trained initially in aviation forecasting. She transitioned to more general forecasting to gain experience in media and radio presentation, in preparation for TV forecasting.

Elizabeth was born in Dublin and from a young age had a passion for weather, especially those wet and windy days. Through her schooling she discovered an aptitude for Physics and Mathematics and went on to complete a joint honours degree in Applied Sciences in TU Dublin (formerly DIT Kevin Street). She relished in the ability to describe fundamental properties of energy and motion though science.

On completion of her undergraduate degree, Elizabeth decided she needed a break from the science world and went to experience life in a different culture in Rome, Italy. Here she was able to cultivate her other passion in life, art and architecture, by working as a tour guide in the Vatican Museums and at other major attractions around the city.

In 2005 she returned to Dublin to complete her master's in meteorology in UCD with many of her fellow forecasters. Prior to working in Met Éireann, Elizabeth worked in the Renewable Energy sector, specialising in Wind Resource Assessment. After nine years in this discipline, the opportunity to combine her love of communication and science though weather forecasting led her to make a career change.

Outside of the office Elizabeth loves spending time with family and friends. She is an avid sea swimmer and loves discovering new places to take a dip. Other interests include singing with the Met Eireann choir 'The Isobars', running and yoga.