Jean is a Meteorologist in Met Éireann and part of her job involves the preparation and presentation of weather forecasts on RTÉ television and radio.

Born in Tarbert, Co. Kerry, Jean initially decided to study medicine on leaving school, but decided that it wasn't for her and applied for a job in the Irish Meteorological service.

Initially employed as a Meteorological Officer, Jean's interest in mathematics led her to study for her degree in Mathematical Sciences in Trinity College, Dublin, from which she graduated with honours.

This qualification enabled her to become a Meteorologist in Met Éireann and following a course in meteorology, Jean was assigned for further training to the Aviation office in Shannon Airport which delivers meteorological services to pilots and airlines.

Afterwards, Jean moved to the Research and Applications Division back in Dublin where she worked on Numerical Weather Prediction Models.

From there, Jean moved to her present position in General Forecasting Division and since 1996 has regularly presented weather on RTÉ.

In 2011, Jean was awarded the European Meteorological Society's Weather Forecast Trophy Award. Each year, Broadcast meteorologists are invited to submit a video clip of a weather forecast and the award is presented to individuals to acknowledge best practice in communication of meteorology.

All nominations are assessed by a Select Committee of the EMS who chose Jean as the 2011 winner. This is the first time that an Irish person has been awarded this trophy

Outside of work, Jean's hobbies and interests include reading, walking, art and music. She is also an animal lover and, living close to the city centre, loves all that that has to offer, for example shopping and visiting art galleries.