today's weather Today's Weather
Today will be a cloudy day with outbreaks of rain and drizzle throughout the day, but with good dry periods too. Fog will form on some Atlantic coasts and on high ground. Highest temperatures of 11 to 13 degrees in moderate westerly winds.


Tonight's Weather
Mainly dry tonight, just some patchy drizzle and rain. Staying mild with temperatures not lower than 8 to 10 degrees. Westerly winds will back southwest and increase fresh to strong overnight.


today's weather Tomorrow
Rain will develop in the west early on Friday morning, and spread to all parts before midday. A clearance to sunny spells and scattered showers will follow in the afternoon. After a mild morning, it will turn cold with the clearance. Temperatures of 11 or 12 degrees in the morning will fall to 5 or 6 degrees in the afternoon. Fresh to strong southwest winds will veer northwest with the clearance.