Friday 24 June 2016

today's weather Today's Weather
Remaining heavy showers in eastern areas soon dying out. Some clear spells developing, with any showers light and scattered and with many places dry. Lowest temperatures 9 to 12 C., in moderate northwest breezes.


today's weather Tomorrow
Tomorrow Saturday will be bright, with a mix of cloudy periods and occasional bright or sunny spells. Any showers will be light and well scattered. Top temperatures of 15 to 19 C., best values over Leinster. Moderate to fresh northwesterly winds, will back westerly by evening.

3 Day Outlook
General: Mixed weather, with rain or showers at times. Temperatures around normal mid to high teens, but occasionally lower.

Sunday Night: Some dry and occasionally clear spells overnight and dry apart from the odd light passing shower. Lowest temperatures 9 to 12 C. Winds will be moderate west to southwesterly.

Monday: A bright, fresh day, with a mix of cloud and some sunny spells. But some light showers scattered about too. Temperatures around normal with top values of 15 to 19 C., in moderate occasionally fresh westerly winds.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Mostly cloudy, with just a few bright spells early on Tuesday. Some showery rain will soon devlop and will become heavy and persistent in places. Top temperatures of 14 to 17 C., in moderate southwest winds, best values over Leinster, where it could remain dry till midday. There will be further rain or showers overnight and for a time on Wednesday, but drier weather is indicated for later Wednesday.

Staying mixed for the rest of the week, with weak weather fronts pushing in from the Atlantic, on occasion, bringing some falls of rain. But some dry bright interludes also. Temperatures will be near normal at best.