Friday 29 April 2016

today's weather Today's Weather
Sunny spells this evening along with showers of rain, hail and thunder.

Tonight's Weather
The showers will mostly die out early tonight and skies will clear. Temperatures will fall to between 0 and 3 degrees with frost returning on the grass once again. Winds will become light mainly westerly.


today's weather Tomorrow
Tomorrow will start mainly dry and sunny. A few showers will occur on west coasts and some will develop elsewhere in the afternoon, but there will be longer spells of sunshine and any showers will be less heavy than today. Highest temperatures of 9 to 12 degrees in light to moderate westerly winds. Rain will spread from the Atlantic in the evening.

3 Day Outlook
On Saturday night a band of heavy rain will move eastwards across the country. It will be milder than recent nights with no frost.

Sunday will start off mostly cloudy with outbreaks of rain. It will brighten up with a mix of sunny periods and some showers for the afternoon. Temperatures will recover further with expected highest temperatures of 12 to 15 degrees in moderate westerly breezes. \nThrough Sunday night, another band of rain will cross the country.

The rain will clear the east coast again on Monday morning with showers following for the rest of the day, some heavy. It will become rather windy with fresh and gusty westerly winds. A little cooler again with highest temperatures of 10 to 12 degrees.

Tuesday will bring a mix of sunshine and showers with similar temperatures.

The weather will continue changeable through the middle part of next week with rain or showers at times and temperatures in the low to mid teens in the afternoon.