Thursday 25 August 2016

today's weather Today's Weather
Fog lifting this morning, with most places dry with some sunny spells. But some heavy showers will develop in Atlantic coastal areas. These will become more widespread as the day progresses with a few thundery downpours in places. Top temperatures 18 to 22 C., in moderate southerly winds.

Tonight's Weather
Some further heavy showers at first tonight, but many areas becoming dry with clear spells, with a few patches of mist or shallow fog locally at dawn. Lowest temperatures 8 to 11 C., in light southerly breezes.


today's weather Tomorrow
Friday: Any mist or fog soon clearing with sunny spells developing, but some cloudy periods too. Showers in northern areas at first, but mainly dry. Top temperatures 17 to 20 C., in moderate to fresh southwesterly winds.

3 Day Outlook
This weekend:\nThere will be warm sunny spells in all areas. Cloud will build up at times also and there will be a scattering of showers with some locally heavy, thundery downpours possible.\nHighest temperatures typically 17 to 20 degrees.

Next week:\nWarm sunny spells in all areas and overall a good deal of dry weather is likely. Some patchy rain and drizzle will occur.\nMaximum temperatures typically in the high teens to the low twenties.\nWinds from a mainly south to southwest direction.