Friday 30 September 2016

today's weather

Tonight's Weather
Tonight, there will be further outbreaks of showery rain in many areas, with some heavy bursts, but clear spells will develop across the northern half of the country, with just scattered showers. In slack winds, mist and fog will develop and becoming cold, with minimum temperatures of 3 to 6 Celsius.


today's weather Tomorrow
Tomorrow, Saturday, will be dry in many areas, with sunny spells developing, but some scattered showers will occur, most of them in eastern coastal areas, where they'll continue until late afternoon. Maximum temperatures 12 to 14 Celsius, in mostly moderate north to northwest breezes.

3 Day Outlook
Sunday: A dry and bright day with good sunshine. Cool during the early morning with fog patches lingering for a time; temperatures will rise to around 13 or 14 degrees in the afternoon. Light breezes for much of the day but southerly winds will freshen by evening and then outbreaks of rain will spread eastwards overnight.

Monday: A windy day with spells of heavy rain, especially over the western half of the country. Further rain overnight.

Tuesday: Cloudy with scattered outbreaks of rain during the first half of the day; the rain will tend to ease off later in the day.

Wed /Thursday: Mainly dry with good sunshine and highest temperatures of 14 to 16 degrees in southeasterly breezes.