Coastal Reports And Sea Crossings Forecast

COASTAL REPORTS At 11:00 Friday 1 July 2016
Malin Head Automatic West, 17 Knots, Fair, 15 Miles, 1000, Steady
Dublin Airport West-Southwest, 19 Knots, Recent rain shower, 13 Miles, 1004, Falling slowly
Buoy M5 51 41'N 6 42'W West-Southwest, 19 Knots, Wave ht: 2 m, The visibility at Tuskar is greater than 10 Miles, 1007, Steady
Roches Point Automatic West-Southwest, 22 Knots, Recent drizzle, 14 Miles, 1007, Steady
Sherkin Island Automatic West-Southwest, 17 Knots, Gust 31 Knots, Fair, 10 Miles, 1009, Steady
Valentia Automatic West-Southwest, 19 Knots, Gust 31 Knots, Recent rain, 12 Miles, 1009, Steady
Mace Head Automatic West, 20 Knots, Gust 34 Knots, Recent drizzle, 12 Miles, 1004, Steady
Belmullet Automatic West-Southwest, 15 Knots, Gust 25 Knots, Fair, 13 Miles, 1002, Steady
Buoy M2 53 29'N, 5 26'W West-Southwest, 14 Knots, Wave ht:0.8 m, 1004, Steady
Buoy M3 51 13'N, 10 33'W West-Northwest, 18 Knots, Gust 29 Knots, Wave ht: 3.6 m, 1010, Steady
Buoy M4 55 0'N 10 0'W Report not available
Buoy M6 53 4'N 15 56'W West-Northwest, 26 Knots, Gust 40 Knots, Wave ht: 4.6 m, 1008, Rising slowly
Disclaimer: buoy locations are approximate and are not for navigational purposes

SEA CROSSINGS FORECAST State of sea until Sunday 3 July 2016 at 11:00 hours
Dublin - Holyhead Slight to moderate.
Rosslare - South Wales Mainly moderate.
Cork - South Wales Moderate, occasionally rough.
Rosslare - France Mainly rough, later moderate.
Cork - France Mainly rough, later moderate.

Sea Area Forecast until 1200 Saturday 2 July 2016 Issued at 1200 Friday 1 July 2016

Meteorological Situation at 0900A vast low, 994hPa, centred between Scotland and Iceland is strengthening, steering in an unstable westerly airflow. The low will gradually pull away eastwards on Saturday, as westerly winds slowly moderate.

Forecast for all Irish coastal waters and the Irish Sea

Wind: West to southwest force 5 or 6, occasionally force 7, veering west to northwest tonight. Decreasing 4 or 5 tomorrow morning, except for northern sea areas.

Weather: Heavy showers, with an increasing risk of isolated thunderstorms. Showers becoming confined to western and northern coasts tonight, isolated elsewhere.

Visibility: Moderate, occasionally poor in heavy showers. Good outside showers.

Outlook for a further 24 hours until 1200 Sunday 3 July 2016:
Scattered showers, some heavy in the north, becoming isolated by evening. Strong to near gale force westerly winds will steadily decrease moderate to fresh, becoming light westerly overnight.

Gale Warning: There is no gale warning in operation

Small Craft Warning: