Thursday 05 March 2015

today's weather Today's Weather
Rather cloudy and breezy this evening. Mostly dry, but there will be some scattered outbreaks of rain in parts of the Northwest.

Tonight's Weather
Continuing cloudy and breezy overnight with rain at times in northwestern areas, but largely dry elsewhere apart from patchy mist and drizzle. Clear periods will develop at times in some central, southern and eastern areas. Mild with lows of 5 to 8 degrees C..


today's weather Tomorrow
Mild, windy and rather cloudy on Friday. Most places will be dry, but there will be some scattered outbreaks of rain in the northwest. Mostly dry elsewhere with some bright or short sunny breaks coming through at times. Fresh to strong south to southwest winds, up to gale force and gusty in exposed parts of the northwest and along the west coast. Mild with highs of 10 to 13 degrees C..

3 Day Outlook
Moderate southerly winds will mean temperatures on Friday night are unlikely to fall below 7 or 8 degrees nationwide and it'll be another mainly dry night. There is \nstill the risk, however, of patchy outbreaks of rain along western and northwestern coasts.

Temperatures are set to peak on Saturday with highs in the afternoon of between 12 and 14 degrees. It'll be windy though so it may feel cooler than that at times; the winds will be moderate to fresh southerly, strong along the northwest coast. It'll be a mainly dry day but frontal rain along the west coast, patchy through Friday and the early part of Saturday, will start to become more persistent later on Saturday. Then on Saturday night the rain will start spreading eastwards. Temperatures on Saturday night will be about 5 or 6 degrees with no frost.

The rain will clear eastwards early on Sunday and it will be a fresher day. The winds will veer westerly with the clearing rain and it will become mainly dry and sunny but cooler, temperatures on Sunday will be lower, about 9 or 10 degrees at best, but significantly colder on Sunday night and as the winds fall light and variable a frost will form as temperatures fall below freezing.

Monday will start out dry but rain will develop from the south during the afternoon, spreading northwards and becoming heavy and persistent and then widespread. Winds will be light to moderate from the southeast. It'll be cold again on Monday night with a ground frost.

The current indications suggest another settled spell beyond Monday with mainly dry weather from Tuesday on. Temperatures around normal for the time of year but cold at night with frost.