Tuesday 24 May 2016

today's weather Today's Weather
Early mist and fog soon clearing, to give a bright and mostly dry day, with just the odd scattered light shower. Some good spells of sunshine, but there will be occasional cloudy periods in places too. Mild in sunshine, with top temperatures of 17 to 19 C., but values in the mid teens on east facing coasts, due to a moderate onshore breezes.

Tonight's Weather
Mostly dry tonight. Clear spells at first, but cloud will increase in the eastern half of the country later tonight. Lowest temperatures 5 to 8 C.


today's weather Tomorrow
Tomorrow, Wednesday will be a cool, mostly cloudy day, with just a few bright or short sunny spells early on in more western areas. Mostly dry, but some showery rain will develop over Ulster and north Leinster, by early evening. Top temperatures 12 to 17 C., best in western areas.

3 Day Outlook
General: Cool and fairly cloudy at first, with some showery rain in places. But much milder and brighter over the weekend, with showers more scattered, but where they occur a few will be heavy and possibly thundery.

Wednesday night: Misty and mostly cloudy overnight, with some showery rain in places. Lowest temperatures 5 to 8 C., in a moderate northeast to easterly breeze.

Thursday will be a misty and mostly cloudy day, with just a few bright spells. Some showery rain about too, with northern and eastern areas most at risk of this. Cold for late May with temperatures in the low to mid teens, in moderate east to northeasterly breezes.

The weather is expected to turn a lot milder for Friday and the rest of the weekend with daytime temperatures in the mid to high teens generally, but locally up to 20 C. on Saturday and Sunday. Mild at night too, with temperatures between 7 and 10 C. The weather won`t be completely settled, as there are likely to be some showers each day, a few heavy and possibly thundery. But there should be some spells of sunshine each day too. Winds will be generally light to moderate northeast to northerly, but will become more variable in direction in some coastal areas.