today's weather Today's Weather
Dry at first today with some bright or sunny spells. Becoming cloudy this morning with outbreaks of rain to the west and southwest of the province by noon. This rain will extend to all parts during afternoon and may be heavy in places. Cool with highs of just 11 to 13 Celsius. Light to moderate southerly winds will back southeast with the onset of the rain and increase moderate to fresh and gusty.


Tonight's Weather
The rain will clear eastwards early tonight and breaks will develop in the cloud. Moderate to fresh and gusty southeast winds will veer west to northwest with the clearance and increase strong near windward coasts. Cool with lows of 5 to 8 Celsius.


today's weather Tomorrow
Tomorrow, Sunday, will a cool blustery day. It will be largely dry at first with sunny spells but showers will become widespread by early afternoon. Some will be heavy and possibly thundery. Highs of just 10 to 12 Celsius in fresh, locally strong, and gusty west to southwest winds. Winds will be strongest near windward coasts and in the vicinity or showers.