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  • Travelling musicians

    Irish traditional musicians Barney McKenna (banjo), Tony MacMahon (accordion) and Micko Russell (tin whistle) perform in the streets of Ennis, County Clare during a Fleadh Cheoil.
    Broadcast 5 January 1979
  • Christmas Tree Theft

    An RTÉ News report on the annual theft of Christmas trees from forest areas in the Dublin mountains includes a 're-enactment' of a theft and interview by reporter John Ross with Garda John Molloy of Rathfarnham Garda Station.
    Broadcast 8 November 1962
  • Boom in Video Cassette Recorder sales

    Caroline Erskine reports from the Audio Visual Show at the RDS in 1981 where electronic keyboards and computerised games are all the rage, but the must-have item this Christmas is the video cassette recorder, an estimated 30,000 of which will go in to Irish homes, at a cost of between £600 and £1,200.
    27 November 1981
  • Christopher Lee talks horror

    Actor Christopher Lee, in Ireland to make 'The Face of Fu Manchu', talks to Des Keogh about his career and tells him how it is essential to play the part of villains and monsters absolutely seriously no matter how unreal or improbable the character.
    Broadcast 24 February 1965
  • December 8 Christmas shopping

    RTÉ News reporter Caroline Erskine reports from Dublin city centre on the eighth of December, the traditional day people from the country travel to Dublin for Christmas shopping. She speaks to shoppers in Henry Street and Clerys Department Store before trying on a fur coat with the price tag of £3995.
    Broadcast 8 December 1982
  • Pipe TV comes to the west of Ireland

    Jim Fahy reports for science series 'Eureka' how an electrician has set up a local network to provide British television channels to half the town of Kiltimagh in Co. Mayo.
    Broadcast 8 October 1975
  • Behind the News

    Ciana Campbell reports for 'Slants' from behind the scenes at the RTÉ Newsroom, revealing the preparations and the work involved in delivering the news.
    Broadcast 13 October 1985
  • "All The Men Will Be Leaving For England Again"

    An extract from a 'Report' programme which follows the plight of two families from the west of Ireland where the men leave home for up to nine months a year to work in England. Jack Conroy, his wife and daughter discuss the impact of his departure.
    Broadcast 1 November 1972
  • First online supermarket

    Reporter Jim Fahy reports for RTÉ News as Hughes Supermarket in the village of Claregalway, Co. Galway launches the first on-line supermarket shopping service.
    Broadcast 4 February 1999
  • RTÉ 2 opening night

    The clock counts down to the opening of RTÉ's second television channel. The station's new presenters' Bernadette Ní Ghallchoir, Raymond Maxwell and Roisin Harkin, welcome viewers to RTÉ 2 before standing for the national anthem.
    Broadcast 2 November 1978
  • Schoolchildren reveal Halloween pranks

    'Evening Extra' Reporter Bibi Baskin talks to primary school children in Virginia National School, Co. Cavan about the pranks they will play on Halloween including cutting washing lines, pulling up plants and throwing mud at windows.
    Broadcast 21 October 1986
  • Three Generations of Tailors

    'Hands' looks at the traditional craft of tailoring, as passed from generation to generation by the Johnson family in Tullow, Co. Carlow since 1867.
    Broadcast 15 May 1979
  • Cabin Fever Reality Ship Sinks

    Bernard MacMullan reports for RTÉ News on the sinking of the tall ship on which the reality programme 'Cabin Fever' was being made, after it ran aground on rocks near Tory Island off the Donegal coast. Amateur footage shows contestants swimming ashore and being airlifted to safety.
    Broadcast 14 June 2003
  • Breakthrough On Single Currency talks

    On the first day of the European Union summit in Dublin, with Ireland holding the European Presidency, a significant breakthrough was reached in the row over preparations for the single currency, the euro.
    Broadcast 13 December 1996
  • A Night at the Debs

    'Youngline' spends a night out in the Shelbourne Hotel at the Debs Ball of Holy Faith Convent, Glasnevin, to discover what really goes on.
    Broadcast 9 November 1982
  • Belfast Concert For Yes Vote

    Days before the referendum on the Belfast Agreement, U2 and Ash play a concert in Belfast in front of 2,000 young people from schools across Northern Ireland, where they call for a Yes vote. On stage, Bono introduces David Trimble and John Hume as "two men who have taken a leap of faith out of the past and into the future".
    Broadcast 19 May 1998
  • Country Girls Living in Dublin

    Frances McGuigan from Castleblaney, Co. Monaghan tells reporter Michael Ryan from 'Newsbeat' about her lifestyle as a country girl who has made the move to Dublin, where she now works as a clerk typist in a financial office and shares a basement one-bedroom flat with two other girls.
    Broadcast 13 December 1967
  • Children talk about the Gulf War

    The potential effects on Irish children of seeing daily footage from the (1990s) Gulf War in Iraq - often referred to as the first televised war - are examined in this report by Alistair Jackson for RTÉ News.
    Broadcast 24 January 1991
  • McFaddens Travelling Theatre

    Reporter Denis Franks from 'Broadsheet' speaks to Jimmy McFadden and his wife Phyllis about their life with the travelling theatre company 'The James McFadden Show', before a performance in Portarlington, Co. Laois.
    Broadcast 12 September 1963
  • Eighties teenage street style

    'Head to Toe' presenter Mary O'Sullivan talks to goths, Cureheads and teenagers who prefer not to be labelled, about youth culture, fashion and music, on Grafton Street in Dublin.
    Broadcast 3 February 1989
  • Workers Stand Against Apartheid

    Pat Kenny reports for 'Today Tonight' about the strike by Dunnes Stores workers in Henry Street in protest at the sale of South African products in the store. Cathryn O'Reilly, Alma Russell and Sandra Griffin are among those refusing to handle South African goods because of the racist apartheid regime. Bishop Desmond Tutu greets some of the strikers at Heathrow airport where he praises their courage in fighting for a cause that they believe in.
    Broadcast 16 April 1985
  • Swimming with Fungi

    Featuring spectacular underwater footage, Aonghus McAnally gets up close to Fungi the dolphin in Dingle bay, in a report for 'Evening Extra'.
    Broadcast 5 October 1987
  • Smoking ban introduced on buses

    Dublin Bus travellers talk to reporter Shay Healy about the newly introduced smoking ban on buses, in this extract from 'Evening Extra'.
    Broadcast 17 February 1988
  • Stand By To Receive His Holiness

    'Stand By To Receive His Holiness' is a documentary that went behind the scenes at the visit of Pope John Paul II to Ireland in September 1979. This extract looks at the arrangements and planning for the Papal visit to the Phoenix Park in Dublin, where the congregation surpassed one million.
    Broadcast 25 December 1979
  • Women Invade Men-Only Bathing Place

    Women protest at the Forty Foot, a traditional male-only swimming point at Sandycove, Dublin. The group of protesting women call themselves the Dublin City Women's Invasionary Force.
    Broadcast 20 July 1974
  • Motor Exhibition Arrives in Dublin

    Derek Davis reports from the Motor Club Exhibition at the RDS, Dublin where the vehicles on exhibit include Malcolm Campbell's 'Bluebird', a 1911 Clement, a 1928 Vauxhall, a Bentley, a Texaco McLaren Racer, a Ford Pantera, a Porsche and a police car.
    Broadcast 14 March 1975
  • Bob Geldof Collects Live Aid Cheque

    Live Aid organiser Bob Geldof kisses President Patrick Hillery at Arás an Uachtaráin after being presented with a cheque for £7 million, donated by the people of Ireland. The Republic of Ireland gave the most donations per capita for the Live Aid concert held on 13 July 1985, despite being in the throes of a serious economic recession at the time.
    Broadcast 20 September 1985
  • Reaction to Joining the EEC

    RTÉ News gets reactions from people on the streets of Dublin following Ireland's decision to join the EEC. Irish people voted overwhelmingly in favour of becoming a member of the EEC in a referendum held on 10 May 1972.
    Broadcast 12 May 1972
  • Satchmo in Dublin

    Louis Armstrong, the great jazz trumpet player and singer, arrives at the Adelphi cinema, Dublin where he is to perform with his All Stars. The bilingual programme 'Féach' follows 'Satchmo' and his band as they warm up in their dressing room before going on stage, and interviews the star afterwards in his crowded dressing room.
    Broadcast 30 July 1967
  • Saving Private Ryan in Wexford

    Curracloe beach in Co. Wexford is the location for recreating the D-Day landings at Omaha beach for Steven Speilberg's 'Saving Private Ryan'. The shoot, which used 750 members of the Reserve Defence Force to play the US Army landing force, brought an estimated £5m to the local economy.
    Broadcast 3 July 1997
  • Scenes From A Seaside Town

    Summer in the North Wicklow seaside town of Bray is all about fairground rides, slot machines, walks along the promenade, swimming and sunbathing on the beach. A report from bilingual current affairs series 'Féach' also takes in a night-time sing-along, with the obligatory rendition of 'I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside'.
    Broadcast 6 August 1968
  • On the set of 'Ryan's Daughter'

    Denis Brennan introduces a 'Kino' special on location with the Oscar-winning film 'Ryan's Daughter' on the Dingle peninsula. Director David Lean chats briefly to actor Robert Mitchum before a scene is shot in the specially built fictional village of Kirrary.
    Broadcast 22 September 1969
  • At home with Christy Brown, author of 'My Left Foot'

    In this 'Radharc' programme, Fr Peter Lemass views paintings by Christy Brown before interviewing him about his art and writing, and asks him how he feels about his disability. Brown, who had severe cerebral palsy, wrote about his life in 'My Left Foot', which was made into a film starring Daniel Day Lewis.
    Broadcast 18 October 1962
  • Skidding a Double-Decker Bus

    A driving instructor dramatically skids a double-decker bus in order to show trainees how to cope with unforeseen obstructions, in an episode of 'Discovery' that takes a look at the job of the Dublin Bus driver.
    Broadcast 14 February 1966
  • The Fastest Reel in the West

    In this 'Late Late Show' special on Irish traditional music, John Conneely from County Mayo, who broke his back on a building site in England, treats the audience to "the fastest reel in the west".
    Broadcast 23 December 1972
  • The Late Late Toy Show - 80s edition

    Gay Byrne demonstrates the toys Major Morgan, UFO and a model minibus from Sony that plays vinyl records! In keeping with the traditions of 'The Late Late Toy Show', there are children from the Billie Barry School and some dreadful jokes from Gay.
    Broadcast 12 December 1981
  • Eurovision Song Contest 1971

    The 1971 Eurovision Song Contest, Ireland's first as host, opens with a couple being taken by horse and carriage through St Stephen's Green to the Gaiety Theatre, where Bernadette Ní Ghallchóir introduces proceedings in Irish, French and English. The show was one of the first home-produced colour television programmes by RTÉ.
    Broadcast 3 April 1971
  • Celine Dion's winning entry at Eurovision 1988 in Dublin

    Singing 'Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi' for Switzerland is a young Celine Dion, then-unknown outside the French-speaking world. Michelle Rocca, co-hosting with Pat Kenny, introduces the performance, which is preceded by footage of the now-superstar being shown around turf-cutting machinery on a bog in the Irish midlands. (Sound and picture imperfections due to quality of original master tape)
    Broadcast 30 April 1988
  • Flocking to moving statues

    Maggie O'Kane reports for RTÉ News about children witnessing statues moving in their local church in the Co Kerry village of Asdee, the first of many sightings in what would become the phenomenon of moving statues in the summer of 1985.
    Broadcast 27 March 1985
  • Who washes your socks?

    Following a letter to an evening newspaper from a woman who objects to washing her husband's socks, reporter Des Keogh of 'Newsbeat' asks women on the streets of Donnycarney in Dublin who washes the socks in their house.
    Broadcast 7 October 1964
  • Bucks Fizz win 1981 Eurovision in Dublin

    Doireann Ní Bhriain announces the winner of the close-fought 1981 Eurovision Song Contest from the RDS in Dublin. The UK entry, 'Making Your Mind Up', performed by Bucks Fizz with a famous skirt-ripping dance routine, beat Germany by a mere four points. The excited foursome are presented with their prizes by the previous year's victors; singer Johnny Logan and songwriter Shay Healy.
    Broadcast 4 April 1981
  • 'Borderline' visits a second-hand clothes shop

    Ronan Johnston and Majella Nolan, from Saturday morning teen programme 'Borderline', play dress-up, eighties-style, in a second-hand clothes shop called 'Frank N. Stein' in Dublin.
    Broadcast 1 November 1986
  • Children's Street Games and Rhymes

    This clip, from an episode of the children's entertainment programme 'Motley', shows boys and girls playing rhyming and running games, including 'In and out goes Dusty Bluebells', on the street of a Dublin housing estate.
    Broadcast 27 October 1969
  • Nine-Year Old Reads the News

    In this report from 'Youngline', nine-year-old Kate Cotter realises her dream to become a newsreader for a day, getting a tour of the RTÉ newsroom from Anne Doyle and meeting newsreader Charles Mitchel.
    Broadcast 01 February 1982
  • "Washing Away Your Sins"

    A little girl describes how the priest washes away sins at confession, including those of "killing people" and "planting bombs". This report from 'Encounter' features Sean Egan interviewing people about their attitudes to sin and first confessions outside Clarendon Street Church in Dublin.
    Broadcast 7 May 1972
  • Bus journey through sixties Dublin

    In this episode of 'Discovery', Thomas Johns drives the number 11 bus from Stephen's Green, down Grafton Street (before it was pedestrianised), through Suffolk Street on to Dame Street and College Green, up Westmoreland Street, across O'Connell Bridge and on to O'Connell Street. En route, he describes the difficulties of his job.
    Broadcast 14 February 1966
  • First episode of 'Glenroe'

    The titles and opening scenes from the first episode of the rural drama 'Glenroe'. Dinny Byrne (Joe Lynch) and his son Miley (Mick Lally) have sold their mountainy family farm and may now move to better land in north Wicklow.
    Broadcast 11 September 1983
  • The Suffering Irish

    Reporting for '7 Days', Bill O'Herlihy, along with 15,000 other pilgrims, visits "The Reek" on National Pilgrimage Day, the last Sunday of July. Croagh Patrick is 2,510 feet high, almost 3 miles from base to peak, and takes 3 hours to climb to the top. For many, this all-night vigil of pain and endurance represents the roots of their religion.
    Broadcast 31 July 1970
  • St. Patrick's Day Parade Hit by Foot and Mouth Outbreak

    Among the casulaties of the foot and mouth crisis are this year's St Patrick's Day Parades. In Dublin - which hosts the biggest of the parades - an entire week-end of festivites has been called off. But the organisers say the £1.3 million Festival could still go ahead once the crisis has passed.
    Broadcast 2 March 2001
  • First Female Steeplejack

    'Enterprise' reporter Michael Ryan hangs from a crane to interview steeplejack Angela Collins, owner of Ireland's leading steeplejack company, who is forging her way in a traditionally male-dominated profession.
    Broadcast 29 November 1971
  • 'Hands' - Horse and Milk Float

    Éamonn MacThomáis describes the daily routine of milkmen Tom Downey and Gerry Brehenny as they travel the streets of Dublin with horse and milk float delivering bottles of milk.
    Broadcast 24 April 1978
  • Reporter Takes on the Beatles

    The Beatles arrive at Dublin airport (for a concert at the Adelphi cinema) where they are interviewed by Frank Hall about fame, the Mersey sound, hair-styles and George Harrison's mother. A noisy aircraft and the Beatles jokey antics prove a test for Hall.
    Broadcast 7 November 1963
  • Early Philip Treacy Designs

    Dave Fanning interviews third-year National College of Art and Design (NCAD) student Philip Treacy about his hat designs, for the series 'Visual Eyes'. Now internationally renowned for his high-fashion creations and with royalty among his customers, the then 20-year-old reveals his ambition to become a couture hat designer and says his hats are "not for the faint hearted".
    Broadcast 14 August 1987
  • Children Give Their Thoughts On Romance

    Mike Murphy, host of 'The Live Mike', introduces Twink who presents a report about her visits to primary schools in Dublin and Wicklow, where she asked the pupils about romance and St Valentine's Day. See our TV Stories page for the behind-the-scenes account.
    Broadcast 13 February 1981
  • 'Meet the People Reunion'

    'Meet the People' was broadcast on the opening night of Telefís Éireann, showing a tour of Ireland made by the first three continuity announcers. Forty years later Kathleen Watkins, Marie O'Sullivan and Nuala Donnelly reunited to recall those days in 1961.
     Broadcast 1 January 2002
  • Luke Kelly Sings 'On Raglan Road'

    Luke Kelly explains to presenter Ciarán MacMathúna how he met the poet Patrick Kavanagh who told him he had a song for him. The song was 'On Raglan Road', performed here on the series ‘Humours of Donnybrook’ by Kelly accompanied by Al O'Donnell.
    Broadcast 10 January 1979
  • Confusion Over Decimalisation

    '7 Days' reporter Denis Mitchell quizzes young and old around Dublin about the new decimalised currency. Among those confused as to how much a shilling is in new pence are his RTÉ colleagues Ted Nealon and Bill O'Herlihy.
    Broadcast 5 January 1971
  • Getting Out

    The opening scenes from the fly-on-the-wall 'mockumentary' series 'Paths To Freedom'. Jeremy (Brendan Coyle), a middle-class gynaecologist, and habitual offender Rats (Michael McElhatton) are released from Mountjoy Prison on the same day.
    Broadcast 13 November 2000
  • Zig is Very High on the Naughty Things List

    In a 'Den' Christmas special with Ray D'Arcy and Zig and Zag, Patrick the Postman delivers a letter to Zig from Santa with some bad news.
    Broadcast 25 December 1992
  • President de Valera launches first TV service

    President of Ireland Eamon de Valera launches the new television service and warns that, "...never before was there in the hands of men an instrument so powerful to influence the thoughts and actions of the multitude." The address is in both Irish and English.
    Broadcast 31 December 1961
  • Bono on the 'Late Late Show'

    Bono, lead singer with U2, talks to Gay Byrne about making the video for 'New Year's Day, playing the Dandelion market and why he thinks drugs are boring. He also introduces his wife Ali.
    Broadcast 22 January 1983
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