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The Consumer Show


Series 2

Programme 1: 19 April
This week The Consumer Show looks at the world of personal debt and the companies who promise to alleviate your debt worries, and Eddie gives his view on Ireland's first ever auction of repossessed homes and what it means for the housing market.

Programme 2: 26 April
This week The Consumer Show talks to one woman who was so overwhelmed by her mortgage debt she fled the country, and Keelin Shanley examines how much salt is in our food before it even reaches the table.

Programme 3: 3 May
This week, as petrol prices continue to rise, Eddie asks if electric cars are a realistic alternative.

Programme 4: 10 May
Eddie Hobbs and Keelin Shanley tackle a broad range of consumer issues covering everything from home to health and diet to finances.

Programme 5: 17 May
Eddie Hobbs and Keelin Shanley tackle a broad range of consumer issues from home to health and diet to finances in The Consumer Show.

Programme 6: 24 May
Eddie Hobbs and Keelin Shanley tackle a broad range of consumer issues from ash cloud disruption to renting a car.

Programme 7: 31 May
This week The Consumer Show has Private Healthcare under the microscope.

Programme 8: 7 June
This week Eddie's Mobile Money Advice Clinic paid a visit to Donnycarney and the Le Cheile Community & Youth Centre, where he met with local people who had a variety of questions and queries.

Programme 9: 14 June
This week Eddie was in Trim, Co. Meath to listen to consumers talking about the banks and their savings. He also met Noeleen Pearle from Summerhill who volunteers with the 'Third Age' national telephone helpline, fielding calls. She explained that many of the callers to the help-line are older consumers concerned about their savings.

Series 1

Programme 1: 6th September
Keelin takes a hard look at what food companies are putting in our children's favourite drinks and snacks. The Consumer Show also has advice for you, if you're one of the 20,000 home owners who are paying too much for your mortgage life insurance policy.

Programme 2: 13th September
Finance guru Eddie Hobbs examines the cost of visiting your GP, while TV Journalist Keelin Shanley reveals the mind games played by the big supermarkets whenever we take a trip to the shops.

Programme 3: 20th September
In Episode Three, finance guru Eddie Hobbs guides two homeowners through the maze of home insurance options in order to find the best deals available and Keelin Shanley explores the thorny subject of claiming tax back on unused airline tickets.

Programme 4: 27th September
This week, Eddie Hobbs takes a hard look at the prices of medication in pharmacies across the country. Keelin Shanley exposes a South African bank draft scam that left one of our viewers out of pocket.

Programme 5: 4th October
Keelin Shanley looks into the marketing of Follow On Milk for toddlers, meanwhile, Eddie Hobbs looks into the various ways to get divorced.

Programme 6: 11th October
In the final episode of The Consumer Show Eddie Hobbs offers step by step financial guidance on how to weather the storm of the economic downturn and Keelin Shanley takes a look at the growing market of herbal remedies, and asks if we really know how safe these products are







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