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Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Do You Think You Are? returns for six more episodes of fascinating family history .
Now an unmissable part of the RT schedule, the new series once more explores the big picture of Irish history in a simple & intimate manner: in each episode, more than 200 years of Irish experience are looked at through one person and their family tree.

Every week, a popular Irish personality traces their roots, and their journey through generations of ordinary lives reveals extraordinary stories.
Each episode of Who Do You Think You Are? is a stand-alone detective story: the personality sets out with only scant details of their family tree, but with precise genealogical & historical research they make their way back in time to uncover new facts, surprising revelations, and moving testimonies & experiences. Following the trail takes them around Ireland & the world as they realise, on a personal & national level, how our ancestors shape our lives.

This second series of Who Do You Think You Are? will give a unique perspective on Irish history as seen through the family trees of six people: TV presenter Ryan Tubridy; Broadcaster & former politician Ivan Yates; Model & former Miss World Rosanna Davison; Garden designer & TV star Diarmuid Gavin; Hollywood actress Fionnula Flanagan; and actor Simon Delaney.

Their six stories encompass the Irish struggle for independence, the Spanish Civil War, and both World Wars; Emigration looms large, but not just from Ireland; Archives & ledgers - unopened for decades or even centuries - reveal threats, vilification, disownment & death; there are insights into the origins of the Irish Republic and The British Royal Family; Ancestors caught up in one of the world's greatest inventions vie with ancestors woven into one of the world's greatest works of art... Over six episodes, historical events, eras & issues will come alive through personal experience.

Richly informative and entertaining, Who Do You Think You Are? brings Irish Social, Political & Cultural history to a wide audience - even to those who wouldn't normally engage with history.

Who Do You Think You Are?
  • RT One, Monday 9.35pm