RTE Television

What Am I Worth?

What Am I Worth? is an eight-part series for RT One. It seeks to help people who want to take their working life in another direction. Each week a different person is helped to radically re-invent themselves with the aim of setting them on a new and improved career path. Leading the overhaul is Lisa Holt, an experienced and no nonsense careers expert. Lisa knows all the pitfalls and is used to dealing with clients who need a bit of "cruel to be kind" persuasion to get them to progress.

In each programme Lisa is presented with someone keen to improve their job lot. Some simply want a better paying gig. Others though want a career that they can get passionate about. And so Lisa is called to action. Lisa meets her charges for a harsh fact facing session - drawing up a list of steps that need to be taken before a new and more satisfying career can beckon. Having hounded and cajoled them through a series of necessary changes, soul searching and sacrifices, Lisa now has to help them find that new job.