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Trojan Donkey

A hidden camera comedy that takes all that's good in 'old style' covert filming to show how funny life can be when people think no one is watching.

With a cast of strange but lovable characters, Trojan Donkey seeks out situations to confuse and engage the public as they go about their everyday lives.

It's a sketch show that the 'straight man doesn't realise that he/she is participating in.


Episode 1:

In the opening episode, Fixer invites a plumber to his house to try to understand the strange noise in his toilet, and celebrity stalker Ursula is convinced that a man on the bus is in fact Peter Andre.

Seanie visits a Glaswegian tattoo shop to get the entire Bible tattooed on his body, while the Cowboy Builder asks another builder if he can borrow a jack hammer to help free his clumsy friend, who has got his feet stuck in cement.

Trojan Donkey
  • RT Two, Monday, 10.00pm