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Super Fun Night

SUPER FUN NIGHT is a new half-hour single-camera comedy series that follows three nerdy female friends in their mid- to late-20s on their "funcomfortable" quest to have fun every Friday night - even if it kills them. Kimmie (series star REBEL WILSON), Helen-Alice (series star LIZA LAPIRA) and Marika (series star LAUREN ASH) have been best friends for 13 years, united by a love for warrior princesses, rock parties (with actual rocks) and fantasizing about one day having a boyfriend. Sure, other people may be moving on and getting engaged - like Kimmie's sister, Jazmine (recurring guest star ASHLEY TISDALE - High School Musical films, Hellcats) - but these best friends know they have each other. They even have a standing date every Friday night where they are "Always together, always inside!"

Things might be changing, however. When junior attorney Kimmie gets a big promotion at her New York City law firm, it looks like she is moving on up (literally, to the 28th floor). She also meets handsome British attorney Richard Royce (series star KEVIN BISHOP), the son of the firm's senior partner, who she thinks might be attracted to her. Suddenly Kimmie's whole life is opening up, but Helen-Alice and Marika worry she'll leave them behind. Can Kimmie convince them that life isn't just for the super pretty and the popular, and that it's time these three friends put themselves out there? At first, Helen-Alice and Marika aren't too keen to ditch their Friday night in for a Friday night out, but they want to support Kimmie and agree to give this whole "going out" thing a try. Things may not go exactly as planned, but hey, at least they ventured out of the nest, right?


Episode 1 - "Anything For Love"

In the premiere episode, Kimmie wants the gang to broaden their horizons and try something they've never done before. But she's not so brave when she finds out their super fun night destination is a piano bar. Can she face her biggest fear, singing in public? Meanwhile, Kendall (series star KATE JENKINSON), a fellow lawyer at the firm, can't understand why Richard and Kimmie are friends and plans to do something about it. Recurring guest star MATT LUCAS (Bridesmaids, Alice in Wonderland, Shooting Stars) appears as Derrick, a former co-worker of Kimmie's.

Super Fun Night
  • RT One, Monday, 10.30pm