RTE Television

Project Ha Ha

Project Ha Ha is a comedy series consisting of 4 experimental comedy pilots by some of the country's most exciting and innovative comedy talents including Dead Cat Bounce, Diet of Worms, David McSavage and an ensemble piece featuring comedians such as Bernard O'Shea, Collum McDonnell and Carol Tobin.

Dead Cat Bounce's are a comedy group whose unique blend of sketch comedy and blistering musical performance have won them legions of fans and critical acclaim. Their pilot Work is based on a day in the life of a bizarre corporate office and is produced by Red Jam Productions and directed by innovative video director duo D.A.D.D.Y.

Dublin Stories is written and performed by another comedy group, Diet of Worms, who have had much success both on the live and on the internet. Dublin Stories is a continuation of their cult internet series of the same name. The mock-documentary explores the lives of two very unusual 'couples' as they face the prospect of becoming first-time parents. It's produced by Accomplice Television (Dan & Becs).

Savage Eye is written by and stars comic David McSavage, and is directed by Kieron J. Walsh (Raw, When Brendan Met Trudy) the show examines, through vox pops, satirical documentary and sketches, the reasons the Irish give for being the biggest nation of drinkers on the planet.

Finally, Touching People, is a mock-documentary about Irish do-gooders who give up their time for free (plus expenses) to help a good cause (and raise their own profile).

Comedian Bernard O'Shea plays the spoof TV host and the show features appearances by comedians such as Colum McDonnell Carol Tobin and John Colleary. It's produced by Green Inc Productions who recently produced the acclaimed comedies, Headwreckers, and Ape for Channel 4's Comedy Lab.

With each project, we have attempted to foster new talent both in front of and behind the scenes, with producers such as Blinder Films, Red Jam Productions, D.A.D.D.Y, Accomplice Productions and Green Inc Productions, working alongside these exciting comedians with the aim of producing fresh new Irish Television comedy.