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My Civil War

The Civil War (June 1922 to May 1923) was a defining moment in our history and shaped Irish politics for most of the 20th Century. But the war was so bitter and divisive that in the aftermath, much of the painful detail was conveniently forgotten.

In a new one-hour documentary, presenter Eddie Hobbs meets three people as they discover the truth about their relatives' roles in the Irish Civil War. The documentary follows their journey as they search archives and retrace steps to find out what happened to a relative during the war.

Adam McCormac works as a special needs assistant at a Dublin primary school. Adam traces the story of his great grand-uncle Joe Rogers who was killed, aged 16, in one of the most disturbing events of the Civil War in Dublin.

Louise Twomey is an accountant and mother of two young boys. Louise uncovers the tragic story of her grand-uncle Emmet McGarry who was just 7-years-old when he was severely burned in a civil war attack on the family home in Fairview, Dublin.

Laure Doutey works as a retail manager in a Dublin Shopping Cente. Laure travels home to North Kerry to find the truth about her great-grandfather James McEnery who took part in the bloody finale of the Civil War in the county.

My Civil War reveals the personal tragedy at the heart of the conflict and throws new light on events which have almost vanished from memory.