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Mad Men - Season 7


The series depicts the sexual exploits and social mores of this most innovative yet ruthless profession while taking an unflinching look at the ad men who shaped the hopes and dreams of Americans on a daily basis.


In 1960, advertising agencies were an all-powerful influence on the masses. Personal and professional manipulation and sexual exploits defined the workplace and closed the deals. The high profile Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency created advertising campaigns - from cigarettes to political candidates - better than anyone. It was a time of great ferment. Women had barely begun to come into their own. Librium and birth control were on the move. Ethics in the workplace, smoke-free environments, sexual harassment and ethnic diversity were workshops of the future.


The series revolves around the conflicted world of Don Draper (Hamm), the biggest ad man (and ladies' man) in the business, and his colleagues at the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency. As Don makes the plays in the boardroom and the bedroom, he struggles to stay a step ahead of the rapidly changing times and the young executives nipping at his heels. The series also depicts authentically the roles of men and women in this era while exploring the true human nature beneath the guise of 1960 traditional family values.

Season 7

Season 7, episode 1

It is January 1969. Don visits the West Coast to salvage his marriage to Megan, while secretly feeding Freddy copy for an Accutron pitch in order to impress Peggy, who is at odds with her new boss, Lou Avery.

Ken sends Joan in his place to meet with Wayne Barnes, Butler Footwear's new head of marketing. Initially out of her league, she enlists the aid of a university professor for a quick course in marketing and convinces Barnes, temporarily, to not drop SC&P.

While Roger is exploring the counterculture, his daughter Margaret tells him she has forgiven him for any past wrongdoing towards her, her mother, and her son, as part of her newfound enlightenment.

Mad Men - Season 7
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