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Imagining Ulysses

Imagining Ulysses is a compelling and beautifully shot feature-length documentary about James Joyce's epic novel. The film is true to its source material in incorporating an 18-part structure, with each segment presented in a distinctive style. The experimental approach is balanced by the desire to make the novel accessible to a wide audience.

Imagining Ulysses focuses not only on the book itself, and the historical context in which it was produced, but also on what it means for contemporary audiences. Narrated by Brenda Flicker, with Patrick Bergin as the voice of Joyce, the film also includes interviews with Neil Jordan, Roddy Doyle, Martin Amis, Irvine Welsh, Camille Paglia, Edna O'Brien, and Frank McCourt.

The film won numerous festival awards including the Gold Hugo at the Chicago Intercom Film Festival

Directed by Dearbhla Walsh, Shimmy Marcus and Neasa Hardiman

Imagining Ulysses
  • RT One, Tuesday 12 June 2012 10:35pm