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Hector Goes...

After a hugely successful run in Series One Hector Goes. returns to RT One with a new four-part series. Once again we'll get the orange combi van back on the road and Hector will hit the high roads and the low roads, the streets and the laneways as he discovers and explores down some of the quirkier side roads of Irish life. From Fishing to the GAA, from Courting to Digging for what lies beneath the ground Hector, in his own unique style, allows himself to become "immersed" in these various Irish worlds.


Episode One: Hector Goes. Fishing

We're an island race with a very strange attitude to the men and women who fish our waters. They put food on our tables, sure they do, and they sometimes die doing it but really, if we're honest about it, do we give a flying fish who lands the bloody things? Hector goes to sea, talks quotas and even engages with the Spanish trawlers on his seafaring journey.

Episode Two: Hector goes Courtin'

It seems that quite suddenly we live in a world of speed dating and online match making. How do boys and girls (or any combination of boys and girls) actually meet in the time sink that is 21st century Ireland. In a freshly laundered shirt and with the Blue Stratos splashed on, Hector sets out to find a mate.

Episode There: Hector goes Digging

So... what are we actually made of? We're not taking about the artistic soul of the warrior Gael here - but rather about the ground beneath his feet. What is Ireland made of? What's under this green and fertile and stony grey soil? And how much of it is there? And who have we sold it to? With his divining rod in one hand, his panning pan in his back pack and the metal detector back in the camper van, Hector will set off to find out about the zinc under Navan, the gold in Croagh Patrick and the water in his own back garden. We'll talk silver, lead, coal, copper and gas and we'll talk fracking (why?), we'll talk turf cutting (why not?) and we'll talk pipelines !

Episode Four: Hector Goes GAA

Hector immerses himself in one of the most successful amateur associations, of any sort, in the world. Part sports association, part social services, all about passion and all about parish -- Unless you come from Cavan...Anyone for a game of handball? Or rounders?

Series 1

Episode 1: Hector Goes Holy
From the top of Croagh Patrick to the top of Croke Park Hector travels backwards in time and forwards along the road in an effort to find out whatever happened to God, whatever happened to going to mass and what exactly have the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church done for us?

Episode 2: Hector Goes Traveller
Enough with the big dresses and the bare knuckles and the sulky races - what Hector wants to know is whatever happened to the Irish traveller? Are there any left out there? And if there are any out there, well, could they please tell Hector what being an Irish traveller actually means? So circle the wagons, throw another log on the fire, take a seat and listen up. You're about to learn a thing or two.

Episode 3: Hector Goes Country
"The smaller the town, the bigger the crowd". Hector dives into the world of Country and Western music - Irish style - in the company of Mike Denver, Ireland's answer to Garth Brooks. With the help of a few country music giants he prepares for his debut performance in the C&W hotbed that is Castleblayney. Thanks for dancing!

Episode 4: Hector Goes Hunting
Is it really impossible to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds? Or more exactly to root for the fox and hang with the hounds? Well if anybody can Hector can. From Wicklow to Limerick with gun cocked and horses shod Hector immerses himself in the really rather beautiful world of hunting and shooting. More pheasant anybody?