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Fluffy Gardens

Fluffy Gardens is a wonderful series for pre-schoolers that revolves around the world of Fluffy Gardens - a colourful place you may not be familiar with just yet.

Living in Fluffy Gardens are happy, sometimes playful little animals who go about their daily lives just like you and I.

We follow the stories of these little creatures and learn about the worlds of Floella the Fruitbat, Paolo the Cat, Mr Johnson the Panda, Wee Reg the Puppy, Mavis the Pony, Fudge and Lily the Kittens, Tooty the Elephant, Colleen the Cow, Chuckles the Chicken and many more.

Fluffy Gardens is an entirely Irish-created and Irish-made show. The series has been created, written & directed by Jason Tammemagi, of Monster Animation & Design, from Rush in North County Dublin.

Fluffy Gardens
  • 12.20am on Den Tots