Tuesday 7th November - Episode 178

Dean is left furious when Niamh clocks that he is subletting his apartment and bribes him to take Oisin in.

A concerned Ray gives Mondo a good talking too about his relationship with Melanie.

Seeing Oakley, Hannah is struck by conflicting emotions as his words make an impact, leaving Doug worried.

Carol is left frustrated by Robbie’s attitude towards Nora.

Written by: Zoe Palmer & Kevin McGee

Directed by: Jonathan Wright-Miller

Wednesday 8th November - Episode 179

Oakley identifies Doug as a blight and prompts Emmet to act as Doug stands his ground against them.

Mondo is determined to make a go with Melanie but gets spooked when Juliet starts joking about marriage.

Oisin jumps at the chance to stir trouble, when he pretends to be Dean and takes in a booking for 10 people who want a coeliac menu.

Carol starts to feel like an outsider in her own family as Nora and Robbie bond over his possible daughter.

Written by: Jennifer Davidson & Kevin McGee

Directed by: Jonathan Wright Miller

Thursday 9th November - Episode 180

Emmet wants to impress Oakley by bringing Hannah back and he is left confused by Oakley’s approach.

Karen feels put in her place when Carol tells her to keep her distance until the results come out.

Melanie challenges Kerri-Ann about her relationship with Mondo and she is left feeling the pressure.

Dean starts to consider his future under the Brennan’s reign.

Written by: Jennifer Davidson & Kevin McGee

Directed by: Jonathan Wright-Miller

Sunday 12th November - Episode 181

Emmet’s re-launch speech introducing DR Oakley as the new director of the centre is derailed when Miriam returns.

Orla and Wayne are pleased when Damien admits that he’s ready to move on.

Debbie covers her hurt at Katy’s perceived coolness when she returns.

Kerri-Ann opens up to Mondo about her feelings for him.

Written by: Dara Higgins

Directed by: Rupert Such