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Don't Tell the Bride

Every girl dreams of organising the biggest day of her life...her wedding...

So want happens when she has No say on her big day.

Don't Tell The Bride is BACK with a Brand New Series.

As ever the Grooms are in charge, with 10,000 euro and Just 3 weeks!

Have the grooms pushed themselves too far?

Will there be a happy ever after.

Or Is it a countdown to disaster?

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Don't Tell the Bride, produced by COCO Television for RT.

Season 7

Series 7, episode 1
Paulina & Eduardo - Malahide, Co Dublin

Eduardo da Silva (24) & Paulina Lemke (22) live in Malahide County Dublin.

Eduardo is from Brazil and Paulina is from Poland, they met through a dating website in Ireland almost 5 years ago (they can't agree on how long they have been dating!). Their first date didn't go quite to plan with Eduardo waiting over two hours for Paulina to arrive. Thankfully, he gave her another shot and the rest is history.

They now live with Paulina's Mum Anna and her Nigerian husband Ayo and they share their house with Charlie the dog and Carimbo, their bearded dragon. Paulina's Mum Anna plays a big role in this couple's life and Eduardo knows that he has to impress both women on the big day or he'll be in trouble, "I'm gonna get killed, not just by Paulina but by her Mum as well."

The couple are complete opposites. Paulina is a girly girl who loves fashion, shopping and false eyelashes and Eduardo is more into his adrenaline sports and drinking with the lads.

Being over 5000 miles from home, Eduardo is determined to bring a flavor of Brazil to the wedding - the only problem is Paulina hates all things Brazilian and thinks it's "tacky" - except for Eduardo of course! She dreams of being a Princess, in a castle, wants her wedding to be posh, royal and give wedding envy to all her guests - she admits she doesn't get her name "Princess" for nothing!

Paulina is crazy about horses and must have them involved in her wedding if she is to be happy. Eduardo goes in search of the biggest horse he can find - and comes up with a stripy inflatable one that he plans to have his bride sit under on a Brazilian carnival style float on her wedding day - what could possibly go wrong!

In spite of their differences, it's clear that Paulina and Eduardo are mad about each other. However, this groom knows that if he gets any small wedding detail wrong, Paulina won't hold back and will "smash everything in her way", so the pressure is on to impress!

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Series 7, episode 2
Tracey Quinn & Peter Byrne - Tallaght, Dublin

Tracey (26) and Peter (31) have been together over 6 years. They met online dating and became serious quite quickly, spending nearly everyday together. They have a 2 yr old son called Billy.

Billy is an insurance underwriter and Tracey is a writer and vlogger.

Tracey is the organiser in the relationship, the planner, loves a list and according to Peter, "loves a list about a list"!

She likes to have her day scripted and she likes to have a budget done at the beginning of every month. Peter is the complete opposite to her. He is a scatterbrain, not organised, laid back, everything will be "grand" with Peter. He looks at things in black and white while Tracey looks at all shades of grey. Everything in their day-to-day lives is left up to Tracey. The buck stops with her!

Aside from Tracey the other thing Peter is madly, passionately, deeply in love with is football. This season ticket holder gets plenty of time to enjoy his favourite sport as he travels the globe to follow the Irish football team.

For this supporter he has a crystal clear vision for his big day and it's all about the love of his life - football. This is his chance to go football crazy and he's not taking his eye off the ball. While Tracey dreams of taking centre stage with a ceremony in the Olympia Theatre, Peter's ideal place for a wedding is a football field: 'If she knows me. she'll know how important football is to me'. Every girls dream!

This groom is confident he can pull everything together in 3 weeks but is hoping his bride will have a sense of humour on the day - because Tracey is in for a big surprise, Peter has planned a very special "lesson" on the morning of the wedding!

With some advice from a naked stranger, a dodgy wedding veil, a sports club reception, can this football crazy groom really make this drama queen's dreams come true?

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Series 7, episode 3
Breda Lambe (30) & Paddy Cooney (33) - Cashel, Tipperary

Breda and Paddy's love story began two years ago and over 8000 miles away in Australia. It was love at first sight for Paddy when he saw Breda in a bar in Darwin - he knew he wanted to marry Breda there and then. Unfortunately it wasn't all plain sailing for this couple as Paddy's visa was to expire the next day and he had to return home to Ireland.

The couple spent the next three weeks talking everyday on the phone and Paddy just knew that he had to return to Australia to be with Breda. A few weeks later Paddy returned and the couple were engaged after five months. Two years later and the couple now live in Cashel with their baby daughter Emily.

Breda wears the trousers in this relationship and doesn't let Paddy get away with much. So how will she cope when Paddy's wedding plans are revealed. will the best day of her life turn into one of her worst nightmares?

For this Tipperary man, he dreams of getting married in the BOG! Yes that's right the BOG! What every girl dreams off. Something his Offaly Bride will not be expecting.

And that's not all this groom has up his sleeve.with the help of Best Man Ronan and Groomsman David, Paddy plans on transforming a country pub CAR PARK in Offaly into "Shenanigans", the pub in Darwin where he and Breda first met.

Paddy predicted that organising the perfect wedding would be a walk in the park but with a ceremony in a bog, a reception venue filled with snakes and kangaroos and the Bride's arriving to her wedding on a TURF CUTTER, will Paddy really pull off Breda's dream wedding or will this day get dragged through the mud?!

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Series 7, episode 4
Lisa Toner and Owen Walsh- Clondalkin, Dublin

Owen Walsh and Lisa Toner are from Clondalkin in Dublin. They met online, only to discover that they both worked for Ebay, in the same building and only one floor apart. In fact, just two weeks before they met online, Owen had been introduced to Lisa at a training session he was running!

Owen was so confident he was onto a winner with Lisa, that he deleted his dating profile minutes after arranging their first date. Three weeks later, they moved in together and started their family with the arrival of their cat 'Nibbles'.

Now, three years later, they are parents to son Chase and have just bought their first house together. However after spending just one night there, Owen must move out for three weeks, to plan the wedding of Lisa's dreams.

Apart from being head over heels in love with his blushing bride, Owen is self-professed "herd" - a hot nerd! The big loves in his life are: Doctor Who, Star Wars, super computers and most of all, the fantasy TV series, "Game of Thrones".

While Lisa dreams of an elegant, lakeside wedding, Owen is thinking of a more bleak landscape for the ceremony - on the side of a mountain in rainy and windswept Wicklow, with his bride arriving on horseback, while sporting a cape.

Determined to have a wedding that would be the talk of Winterfell, Owen sets his sights on a reception in a tent on a campsite, with dragon eggs and swords as the bespoke wedding decorations.

As his budget gets tighter and tighter, Owen's vision of a medieval spectacle is looking less and less likely. However, after an online, second hand wedding dress purchase (the cheapest wedding dress in "Don't Tell the Bride" history), he's back on track to deliver a wedding that may end up being more game of moans, than Game of Thrones!

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Series 7, episode 5
Celina and Ben - Swords

Celina Lawlor (31) and Ben McQuillan (34) originally met online but after a few messages, Celina decided she wasn't too keen on Ben and so the relationship fizzled out. However, a few months later, they randomly met each other on a night out in Swords and the relationship underwent a miraculous revival and it went from there!

Nine years on from their first date at the cinema, this movie-loving couple now live in Swords with their 3 year old daughter Penny, dog Coco and there's another little bundle of joy on the way in March.

In 2015 and 2016, Ben and Celina went through a tough few years when they lost two sons at the time of birth, so with a new baby on the horizon and a wedding day to look forward to, groom Ben is determined to give Celina a day that she'll remember for the rest of her life.

Celina dreams of an elegant, intimate wedding in an old historical building, but Ben has other ideas. He has visions of them saying "I do" in IKEA - a 300,000 square foot furniture store with 10,000 visitors per day. He wants to prove to his bride that they can have happy times in IKEA, instead of always arguing there! The ceremony will be followed by a movie-themed reception in a local golf club.

Celina is the organiser in the relationship and has been described by Ben and her family as "high maintenance". As she admits herself, she likes things done her way and her way only, so how will she cope with Ben making all the big decisions?

Celina's first taste of what Ben has in store for her is at the Hen Party - he's organised a cleaning lesson for this bride who doesn't like to clean! Is this a taste of things to come?

For a bride who doesn't do a "bad hair day", will this groom tick all the right boxes? Hair, make up and the perfect wedding dress for his bride with a growing bump? Will his efforts at a flat-pack DIY wedding be a box office success or will it go straight to DVD?

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Nikki & Jamie - Kilcock, Co. Kildare

Primary school teacher Nikki Corscadden (32) and chef Jamie Moten (31) have been together for over 5 years after meeting on the dating website "Plenty of Fish". Nikki's sister helped her set up a profile but she was too nervous to post a photo! After scouting around for a while, she came across Jamie's picture, thought he was hot and decided to send him a message. After a few months of meeting up, the couple had moved in together. They now live in Kilcock with their 3 year old daughter Lola and baby Sadie who is just 7 weeks old.

Jamie sees this as HIS big chance to organise a wedding that reflects HIM! He loves festivals, camping and the outdoors and wants to create his very own 'WEDFEST' at a glamping site in the Irish countryside.

Since he and Nikki have got together, Nikki has refused to camp or go to any festivals with him - she would rather stay in a hotel than spend a night under the stars. And for her wedding day, this bride dreams of getting married in the lap of luxury and preferably somewhere warm and indoors.

For the ceremony, Jamie wants a venue to reflect how the couple first met on 'Plenty of Fish'. He wants to get married by a lake in the middle of an Irish winter and have Nikki arrive by boat - something that may not go down too well with Nikki and her Dad who don't know how to swim!

Jamie's 'piece de resistance' for the wedding is his plan to dye the wedding dress blue. He thinks that putting a €2000 dress into a saucepan and adding some home-mixed dye and a few drops of vinegar will produce the dress of his bride's dreams!

How will bride Nikki feel when she realises her groom has chosen a BLUE dress for her to wear on the big day? And will this fashion conscious bride be happy to sport a life jacket for her grand arrival by boat?

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Liza Hanley & Dean Watkin - Newbliss, Monaghan

Nearly 30 years ago, this love story began for childhood sweethearts, Liza & Dean when they were just seven years old. Dean, originally from Manchester, spent his family holidays on fishing trips in Ballybay, County Monaghan, where Liza and her family lived.

At the age of 11, Liza and Dean gifted one another Valentine cards - which Liza kept until she was 18years old - and the couple had big plans to go to a Valentine's disco together but Dean got called back to Manchester when his granddad was taken ill.

The couple reconnected in 1999 when Dean was back in Monaghan for a holiday and Liza "pounced on" him in a local pub! Dean made the big move to Ireland three months later and since then, the couple have been inseparable.

Liza and Dean now live in Newbliss, County Monaghan with their two young children Sammy (6) and Lilly (9). They operate a furniture restoration business from home - it's the perfect partnership - Dean is the workforce and Liza is the boss!

Dean popped the question 10 years ago, so Liza has had time to think long and hard about her big day! She dreams of a rolling country estate with a plush marquee, a day filled with luxury and elegance and definitely not in a local community centre or GAA Club!

Dean has slightly different visions to Liza. He wants to recreate the 1980s Valentine's disco they never got to go to when they were kids.

With the help from groomsmen Warren & Paul, will this day turn into a spectacle of glowsticks, legwarmers and shell suits? And will it be a trip down memory lane Liza did not want to take!

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Colm and Jane - Carlow town

Kitchen porter Colm Gethings (32) and retail assistant Jane Tougher (26) met four years ago on the dating site and now live in Carlow town with their 2 girls - Sophia and Saoirse.

Their first date didn't go too well - when Jane told Colm he had a really nice body, this groom turned into a shy boy, who didn't say another word for the rest of the date! Luckily, they met up again and within a few weeks, went on holiday to France together. Colm popped the question to this lucky bride when she was in the middle of changing a dirty nappy and thankfully she said yes!

The couple has had a recent run of bad luck - Colm lost his job and they had to move in with Jane's family after losing their home. However, their luck seems to be changing with a new house, a new job and now they're getting married!

Jane's dream is to get married in her local church and have a wedding reception in an elegant stately home, surrounded by trees and beautiful countryside. Meanwhile Colm is obsessed with all things 1920s, due to his love of the British TV series "Peaky Blinders" - this means gangsters, gambling, throwback 1920s suits and a wedding reception in a race track, with 'curry chips' on the menu!

And with her background in retail, Jane has all the makings for one fussy bride when it comes to her idea of the perfect wedding dress. Will Colm pick something that she will be happy with? Or will his 1920s vision ruin the dress, and possibly the whole day?

The groom with two left feet pulls out all the stops to impress his bride by learning how to perform a 1920s Charleston dance - and suddenly this gangsters paradise is far removed from the bride's glamorous idea of a country house extravaganza.

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