Feeding Ireland is a 24:7 process with no let up...

there’s   the baker in Wexford who starts work at 5am to ensure there’s fresh bread on supermarket shelves nationwide...the potato grower who begins the harvest at 7am on a farm in County Meath...   the caterers who fill and pack  200,000 sandwiches every day...The Irish Army chef preparing lunch for 150 soldiers at a field kitchen canteen in Cork...a  wedding reception for 150 guests at 5pm in County Cavan...  the charity soup-run at 9pm  that’s a lifeline for rough sleepers...  the 12pm  take-away wolfed-down after a night on the town.

Filmed at multiple locations throughout  Ireland, this new documentary presents a fascinating snapshot of what and how we are eating and shows the intricate supply chain that ensures consumers get the food choice they now expect.  It’s the story of the people whose job is to keep us all fed, energised… and ready for the next day’s consumption!

We all know that without food we can’t survive,  but it’s sometimes easy to take the availability of our next meal for granted.  Feeding a nation is a complex, interwoven, vital and never-ending process.

Food is huge business in Ireland –  25% of workers are employed in some aspect of Ireland’s food supply network and as consumers, we spend over €11 Billion per annum on food.  In total, we consume 14 million assorted meals, 9 million snacks, 1.3 million packets of crisps, 1.6 million apples, and 15 million cups of tea.  EVERYDAY!  Where does it all come from and who are the people we depend on to keep us fed?

We’ve grown used to the almost unlimited range and availability of food. But it certainly hasn’t always been that way. The when, how and how often of our eating habits, compared with years gone by, also tells the tale of Ireland’s transformation – and provides a revealing insight into how much things have changed.

The Irish diet has changed more in the last 40 years than it did in the previous 5,000. Like our lives, our diet is more international with convenience foods that suit a time-poor population.  Fifty years ago,  a chicken for dinner was something of a rarity, but today we each consume 26 kilos per annum. The "three square meal" model is changing rapidly with more eating taking place outside mealtimes. Snacking and eating-on- the-move are now standard, supported by an abundance of 24-hour fast-food outlets, coffee shops and snack chains. Because food is so readily available, it’s become a constant throughout the day.

Despite much talk about local food and traditional grocers, most Irish people get their food at a supermarket, spending over 2 hrs there in an average week. While there is increased demand for free-range and organic, the majority of us still opt for low price and convenience.

ONE DAY: HOW IRELAND EATS features the network of growers, suppliers, buyers,  caterers and cooks that combine to keep the supermarket shelves stocked and food on the table – either at home or eating out.

Some Extra  Facts on Food in Ireland...

  • We spend over €20 million a DAY on snacks
  • We consume 1.2 million litres of milk a day
  • Half a million loaves of bread are baked each day in Ireland
  • We eat over 1 million rashers a day
  • Over 2 million eggs are consumed in Ireland every day