Bridget & Eamon

*Christmas Special* – 2017

"Four Funerals and No Wedding"

Bridget works out that with the widow’s pension and life assurance Eamon would be worth more dead than alive. So she fakes his death but Eamon can’t resist going to his own wake.

Series Overview: 

Jennifer Zamparelli and Bernard O’Shea are back for a third season of the IFTA award winning comedy series.

In series 3, Bridget & Eamon accidentally star in a porn video, they both join a camogie team, start rival radio stations and open a video shop in the house. In other episodes Bridget goes to extreme lengths to get on the bus to Lourdes, Eamon gets into a fight and he runs a Wolf of Wall Street-style market research company and Bridget’s Mother comes for Sunday lunch with her new young boyfriend. In this year’s Christmas Special, Bridget fakes Eamon’s death but he still turns up at his own wake.

The series regulars all return – Edwin Sammon as Fr Gabriel and Colum McDonnell as Fierce Handy Frank, and Bridget’s "friends" and neighbours – Norma Sheahan as Noreen, Shron Mannion as Concepta, Eleanor Tiernan as Dolores and Laura O’Mahony as Grainne.